The Rocket Scientist Family

Mr. and Mrs. Rocket Scientist

Mr. and Mrs. Rocket Scientist

He’s the Rocket Scientist, I’m the secretary.

Noelie reading

Noelie reading

She’s a 16-year-old Congo African Gray parrot.  She’s also the reason I can’t keep any books on my bottom shelves.

Spike the Reading Assistance Dog

Spike the Reading Assistance Dog

Spike is a 6-year-old rat terrier who enjoys crawling under a blanket and reading with me in the Dog Chair.  In between jumping five feet in the air for no reason and then chasing his tail for ten solid minutes.


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  1. I love your blog! I’m a part-time freelance book reviewer, and I see on your “about” section that you say you leave out the description of the book and characters so that doesn’t make you a “real reviewer”. But trust me, when I write my reviews, I usually don’t put what’s inside the book either, just what I think about it. And that’s what a review is. People have the synopsis for a description! So you are doing a GREAT job and, since I’m new to wordpress, I’m excited to see what all your blog has to offer!

    Great reading lists by the way!


    • Thanks! Likewise! Take a look at this site tomorrow: /. If you post a reply to the weekly question, it’s a great way to let other book bloggers know you’ve joined the community.

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