“Area 51”

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Area 51, enigma and legend: Will the book that bears your name appeal to conspiracy theorists, or drive them around the bend?

When I saw this book I made it my business to pick it up and read it as quickly as possible.  In fact, Area 51 is a potboiler, despite its heft.  Annie Jacobsen is a terrific, engaging writer, and she appears to be an extremely thorough researcher.

Product Details

This book addresses UFO sightings and government cover-ups.  It will tell you all you want to know about Roswell.  You may be as surprised as I was, though, to find that this is maybe 10% of the story.  This is another of those “I have a history degree and I had no idea about any of this stuff” sorts of stories.  There are so many revelations never before published that I lost count.

Area 51 is an important, intriguing, creepy book.  One of the stunning things about it is that it made it into print.

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