“Iceland by Bus and Backpack”

July 27, 2012 at 12:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

I’m reviewing my own book!

Product Details

Iceland by Bus and Backpack is a short, digital travel guide.  You can download it onto your phone or laptop and bring it with you to Iceland, a big improvement on the large paperback travel guide we brought on our trip.  It’s also inexpensive.  You can have your very own copy for less than the price of a magazine, although you can’t really write phone numbers on it or use it to smack a hornet.

We spent three weeks in Iceland, traveling by bus and staying in camp sites.  Surprisingly, very few people seemed to be doing this.  Icelanders seemed impressed.  It was easy and relatively inexpensive – as low as 10% the cost of staying in a moderately priced guest house.  We found our travel guide totally useless for the purposes of camping, however, and I hit upon the idea of making our own.

The other reason I wrote this book is that I follow an alternative diet, and it took about a week for me to figure out how to find satisfactory food.  There is no reason for other alternative eaters to have to scrounge around the way I did.  So there is information for vegans, vegetarians, the gluten intolerant, and even low carb dieters.

I intend to put together similar travel guides whenever I go to a new country.

You should buy this book if you are planning to go to Iceland.  You should also buy it to impress me or to help fund my website.  You can even justify buying it just because you want to look at my many glorious photographs of Iceland.  Best of all, you can have bragging rights after I am famous, and tell everyone you were reading my stuff before it was hip.

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