Shafted by The Book Depository!

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Let me start out by saying that I waited a long time to do this.  I am a firm believer in working things out using good faith and nice manners.  It is with sorrow in my heart that I post this notice warning my readers:  Caveat Emptor – especially when shopping with an overseas bookseller that offers minimal contact information.

It started last August, when I wanted to order everything on the Booker long list to read during my honeymoon.  I ordered a few books from The Book Depository, which had a great selection and low prices.  My electronic fund transfer of $66.12 cleared the bank on 8/21/2009.  Alas, the books didn’t come when I had expected them.

1. I went online to check my order status.  Imagine my shock when I saw that the address my books were being shipped to was missing the entire line of the street address!  It’s entirely possible this was my mistake, but if it was, why did the online order form allow me to submit an incomplete address?

I contacted The Book Depository on 8/25/2009 to ask whether the address I was seeing was actually the address on the label.  Perhaps this was a security measure or something.  They wrote back on 8/26 to say that yes, the books had been sent as shown.

3. I wrote back on 9/30 to ask whether the books had been returned to sender.  They e-mailed back the same day to say, “I can confirm that the books have just been returned to us.”   (Just that very second?  I have to ask, why was I the one to initiate this exchange?  Why was it necessary in the first place, when anyone who has ever addressed an envelope could have noticed that the label  was missing some rather important information?)

4. We decided that I would like two of the books, and a refund for the remainder.  For some reason, they were unable to credit the card I had used to make my order, and asked to mail me a check.

5. The check did not arrive.

6. I wrote to the Contact Us link on the website on 11/25, and received no response.

7. On January 12, I sent an e-mail entitled Fourth Request, asking for a full refund.  I got a response to that one three days later, saying a second check would be sent.

8. The second check did not arrive either.

9. I e-mailed again on July 21 asking whether we could try again by electronic means.  I have PayPal and the money also could have been put directly into my checking account, if the original card or any other card wasn’t going to cut it.  I got no response.

10. Two weeks went by and I e-mailed again, this time to the main customer service address.  That was on Thursday afternoon.  Now it’s Monday afternoon and I haven’t received a response to that message, either.

11. The website includes no phone numbers.  I have no idea whether there is any kind of international Better Business Bureau, and I can’t afford to sic a lawyer on them.  $66.12 is a lot of money to me, but it pales in comparison to what an attorney would charge.

You can see by the dates listed above that I am hardly a Type A, impatient shouter-type.  In fact it’s so much the opposite that I’ve checked my e-mail, my spam folder, and my voicemail twice since beginning this post, in the vain hope that I’d just missed the message that would explain it all and I could avoid this embarrassing contretemps.  I don’t like obsequious waiters, would never hire a personal shopper, and aim in general for the most anonymous, efficient shopping experience possible.  This is, in 15 years of online purchasing, the only time I have ever failed to receive something, even from random sellers on eBay.

You can also see by the above that we had eleven separate issues.  If I were a customer service manager, my team would be memorizing these eleven separate points of failure and we’d probably be revising our training manual.  We can group them into categories:  Shipping QA, customer service response time, and customer satisfaction.

It grieves me to my heart’s core to think that a bookstore – the only kind of business I find truly necessary, other than the grocery store – might not be run as well as it could be.  I like to believe that people who choose to promote reading in any way are people after my own heart:  people who simply love books.  Trustworthy, reliable people.

Book Depository!  Why did you take my money?  What did you do with it?  Why won’t you give it back?

NOTE: As of today (8/11), I am working directly with the manager of The Book Depository to correct this.  I can’t wait to see my refund so I can take this post down.  It would be awfully nice if we didn’t make it to a full calendar year.

NOTE: It’s 8/30.  I received an air-mailed check for $40.27.  I e-mailed back to ask why I had not received the full amount, and was told they would check with accounting.  The last I heard anything was 8/20, so I’m not sure whether the Finance Team agrees with my version of events or thinks I have been settled with appropriately.  (This would have been the amount I should have been refunded had I received the two books from my original order that I still wanted.  And if I had, none of this would have been necessary!)


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  1. I was thisclose to making an order with them, but after reading this, I don’t think I will. Someone dropped the ball but it should’ve been picked up by now and dozens of other incentive balls should be raining down on you. When a bookstore screws up, it feels like big bad betrayal. Boo.

    • Ping! That’s one lost sale so far, and this post hadn’t been up an hour yet.

  2. Hi,

    I’m very sorry to hear of the issues you have experienced here, and will look into this for you – as it does sound as though something has gone badly wrong somewhere here.

    Please can you email me your order details and I’ll be able to look into this issue for you personally.



    The Book Depository.

    • Huh. I was wondering if this would happen.

    • I ordered and paid for a book on the 14th of December as a Christmas Gift, have just found out it has taken then 6!days to process the order and post bad is that.So that will not arrive in time to give as a gift.If only I had seen this article before ordering.Once bitten twice shy, Iwill keep away from this firm in future and will inform others to so.

      • i absolutely love the book depository, i have ordered like 25 books off them and received all of them in perfect condition.
        best online store!

    • I have had 2 issues with the book depository one more recently which has left me very disappointed with the company. I received no response from the lady i went back to and therefore have emailed the customer support asking for a manager to contact me in order to make a compliant and find a soultion, these have not been responded to either. Tom if you could please have someone contact me directly i would appreciate it.

    • Hi tom,

      I have just had the same issue with the book depository. My parcel is lost and the book depository won’t do anything about it. Is there anything you can do to help me?

      • Sorry, I wish I could help. As you can see by the years of comments to this post, Book Depository does not seem to mind dissatisfied customers. 😦

      • I also orders from the Book Depository. The first book never arrived, I contacted them to confirm they sent it and where they sent it to. It was. addressed incorrectly. They said they received the first book back. I asked to have it reshipped using the correct address. They sent it a second time,still using the incorrect address. I asked for a refund but they said they could not give me one until 8-10 weeks after the second book came back to them. The post office in the next town, not my post office, contacted me to tell me they had received a package for me for the second time. I went to get it but still wanted to return it to Book Depository, disappointed in how they messed up twice! The book was shipped from New York state however the return has to go overseas rather than back to NY, which is where it was okay for the first book to go be returned to, this costs so much more to send and Book Depository will not pay for the return.

        The book was for a college course which I could not complete, partially due to the course being half complete by the time I received a copy of the book.

        I will never do business with them again.

  3. I read another post that had bad experiences with the Book Depository this month. I’ve always heard good things about it otherwise and haven’t had problems myself, so I wonder if it is something to do with just this month or something?

  4. I do hope this gets sorted out for you! I never used that particular seller, having always used Amazon they have always been very good with re-sending orders that have gone ‘astray’ without question.

  5. Wow, terribly sorry about your bad experience, I really hope that you get your money soon.

  6. I am not a huge of Book Depository. I order from them (the Booker and Orange longlist books not available in the U.S.), but they always have things out of stock, and they’ve twice cancelled an order for no reason, but when I go to the site to check, they’re offering the title and I must reorder. Last week, I got three different packages from them on the same day for one single order. It’s idiotic. I hope this post gets you some relief!

    • I placed an order with them and got a confirmation order. Two days later, excited and expecting a delivery decided to check online tracking. It said the order was cancelled & money refunded & to boot had received no email notification at all. I then Chatted with an online member of staff who said there was a security problem with my payment so the order didn’t go through. However, checking my credit card the money had been taken on the day & had not been refunded. I was really unimpressed by the fact there was no communication from them about the cancellation & then the lie regarding a payment problem. You guys can’t blame your computer system – it’s just designed poorly or at worse your taking people’s money when you can’t deliver, no doubt earning interest over a day or two (I hope as I have yet to receive a refund). Poor show!!!

      • The same happened to me. I feel robbed. I just lost 86 dollars and it ruined my birthday present.

  7. Thanks for posting so the rest of us can avoid these issues. How aggravating, not only for your time and money wasted, but you probably didn’t get to read those books on your honeymoon like you’d hoped, right? 😦

    • Well, no, but I did bring more with me than I had time for, and I was able to buy one of the books while we were in Canada. Fortunately my new husband found ways of distracting me! 🙂

  8. Sounds very frustrating. I am not sure I would have been as patient. Having sent that I have had very good experiences with The Book Depository, both getting things went to me and as gifts to others. I think the reason the books come in separate packages is so that they can use a particular kind of rate that allows them to ship free.

  9. I can’t believe it’s been a year! That’s atrocious for any kind of business. I’ve heard good things about The Book Depository before, but this gives me pause. I don’t have the time or energy to fight a year long battle over a few books.

    Good luck with getting it resolved. I hope this post really gets their attention and gets it fixed. (And by the way, what century are they in that they want to send you a check??)

  10. I would not have waited as patiently as you to contact them on these issues. I’ve never used Book Depository, and after reading this I don’t think I will. I’ve always been happy with how Amazon and Powell’s have resolved issues the few times books went astray that I ordered from them. Powell’s particularly is very good about pleasing their disgruntled customers; I once received a book that I did not read for a few months, and then noticed the very last page was missing. When I notified them they were perfectly willing to replace the book, no further questions asked.

  11. I won’t ever use them again either. In my first order, the books I purchased arrived with a different text to that advertised (a children’s story that had undergone some PC modernisation – Book Depository’s website showed my purchases as being the original text which is what I had been particularly searching for). When I’ve emailed them, “too bad, how sad” is about the most I can get out of them and they’ve no interest in updating the books’ (there are threein the series) webpage info either to make it accurate.

  12. Just found this post via Google, wish I had read it sooner.

    Placed an order well over a month ago, only one book out of four arrived. In my confirmation e-mail it was noted that if my order did not arrive within four days after shipping I should contact them, so I did.

    The first reply notified me that I could either have my order re-shipped, or my money back–“whichever I prefered.” Thus, I asked for the order to be re-shipped.

    The second reply then told me that they were unable to resend an order of three books because they believe it is highly unlikely for three packages to go missing. Subsequently, I responded if it is even possible to get the rest of my money back at all, as stated in the first response.

    For some reason, I am getting the feeling that they are accusing me of trying to swindle them for extra books or money.

    I wonder how this is going to end, but after reading your story I am not very hopeful.

  13. Hi everyone,

    My partner and I have had problems with The Book Depository. Namely, erroneous transactions, missing order confirmations, and doubled orders. All of which fell under the “oops something went wrong” error message 500 on the website.

    I’ll tell you what the error message was. It meant each transaction was debited by The Book Depository, but no order confirmation was sent. They assure us it was. Do you seriously think we’d be so imbecilic as to put an order through 4 times? We checked junk/spam emails, and waited. Nothing. No order confirmation.

    We contacted them via email as it appears there is no phone number — btw I found their number everyone! Customer Service Number: UK (44) 014 523 07905 — and they IGNORED THE numerous issues THREE TIMES before another “customer adviser” told us to contact the manager.

    My partner is now owed $221.96 (the issue they ignored 3 times), and I am owed $86.22 just before xmas working on a minimum wage. We are totally appalled with the apathetic one-liner responses to our emails from so called “Customer Advisors”.

    Also if you’re on twitter, complain publicly and LOUDLY about the pathetic excuse of customer service by the @bookdepository . Safety in numbers everyone! They can’t ignore it when it’s blazoned across the internet for all to see. Bad for business, you see.

    For an independent complaints board which we will be using soon (if this is MORE protracted than it already is) go to Complaints Board:

    Hope this helps everyone, and acts as a red-flag for those thinking of getting a cheap book this xmas. It has taken us more time, and far more money, to fight this slimy company.


    PS. We’ll post any updates should they arise.

    @tannic_teeth and @misshandmaid (on twitter)

    • Thank you so much for the phone number! I know its a long time since you left it, but it works where it sounds like emails don’t. I ordered 3 books which came today, looking like they had been left in a puddle! All 3 were separately packaged. The lass on the phone said she’d send 2 more books as 2 were for presents. I don’t mind about the 3rd. So a quick & easy solution, fingers crossed. I’m sure it made a difference phoning in my case.

  14. I’m so glad you started a blog over your problems with The Book Depository. I was about to do the same. Here’s my story…
    I ordered an ebook version of WordPress for Dummies 3rd ed but when it came to confirming the selection, the Book Depository ordering system switched it to the 2nd edition’s ordering page without any obvious indication that it was doing so. When I confirmed the purchase and downloaded I was shocked to find that I had downloaded the 2nd Edition instead! When I contacted them via email to ask if they would supply the 3rd ed (electronic or hard cpy) by paying any difference they responded “no” they would not credit me anything toward the 3rd edition once the 2nd edition was downloaded. I explained the site ording page was very misleading. Their response was very disappointing and Very poor service! I Will never use them again – so they have lost any future revenue from me – all for the sake of them sticking to their guns for 10 quid.

  15. I’m having problems with The Book Depository too.

    I ordered a book at the end of November which still hasn’t arrived, and they have ignored any emails I sent asking about it (I’ve sent four so far).

    It wasn’t a particularly expensive book, but I’m getting a little annoyed…

  16. I have been similarly scammed! I ordered a textbook for the Spring 2011 semester costing $83.60 and I’ve waited over 20 days for my book to arrive!
    How did you get in contact with the manager of The Book Depository?
    I’ve been looking all over for some sort of contact information like a phone number or something and I can’t find one!
    Said they were shipping it from CA, which doesn’t take 20-something days, but everything I’ve read so far indicates that the book is actually coming from the UK. Does anyone know how long that usually takes?

  17. I have just tried the book depository after reading of them in the newspaper. I’m a regular purchaser from Amazon but the BD enticing with the free mail.

    Unfortuantly I jolly well ordered the wrong book. I did realise that prior to them sending it out so I thought that there would be no problem. I emailed them twice plus twice used there online contact form. No luck. When I checked the order stutus this afternoon they bl–dy well sent the book. Very disappointed as I will now have to pay the postage to send it back to them.

    My fault for ordering it but there fault for sending after I said it was wrong.

    At this stage I still have had not reply from them. My next order I think is from Amazon.

  18. I have nearly the exact same story to tell, did you ever get this issue resolved, if so, how? I’m extremely frustrated. My order was dispatched to an apartment number with out a street name over three months ago. I paid for an order I will never receive. I’ve sent several messages through the contact form, but nobody is responding. It’s NOT right.

    • Yes and no. I was sent a check for about 2/3 of the amount, plus I got to pick a free book up to a certain value. Interestingly, that book arrived in good time. It was hinted that if I made another order, I could have the balance owing applied to that, but frankly I just gave up. Essentially the only time I need to order books not available in the US is right before Booker time, and it’s not the end of the world if I have to wait a few extra months until after the prize is announced.

  19. I made a purchase. One book was wrong so they cancelled that individual order but the rest went through fine. No problem. Except the site says “cancelled and refunded” however I have not been refunded! I’ve emailed to complain twice now and still nothing! Not happy!

  20. I’d like to chime in here too, I’ve placed an order with the book depository and noticed that the first line of the address was missing (It was the level of the building Im in) without it the address is pretty useless and there is no concierge in the building to assist. (Im not sure if this was user error or a technical glitch) but it seems curious this is exactly what happened to the person who wrote this post.

    On contacting the book depository and asking them to update the address I was told the book is sent via normal mail and is not trackable.

    So basically the address is coming all the way from the Uk to Australia to my building and then back to the Uk again, and then back to Australia – all because they use normal mail and can’t track the package.

    Pretty bloody frustrating.

    Ill be going with Amazon next time so I can at least track the package.

  21. Oh…now I am afraid after reading your post and everyone’s comments. I have a feeling I am going to get shafted too. About a month ago, I ordered a pre-order novel and it was dispatched two days ago from The Book Depository. I hope I receive it since it is a birthday gift. I should have ordered from Amazon.

    Thanks for alerting the rest of the world.

  22. I have used the Book Depository about 3 times now and never had a single problem with either the site or the service.. Then I have not screwed up the ordering process yet..
    I do not work for them either…Live in Australia and the postage time for basic has always been acceptable… For free..

  23. I also ordered some books from BookDepository for the first time on October 2010.
    At early November, and while my books never arrived, they said that a full refund of 137.5 euros will appear in my account shortly.
    Shortly became FOREVER, so at January 10 of 2011 after I managed to find aphone number of them at last(!!!),some representative called Lu reassured me that they would send a cheque shortly (AGAIN!).
    Then on February 17 after I wrote them that if I don’t get my cheque until the 25th, everyone on the web would hear my story, they replied that they would immediately contact their accounting department in order to send the cheque ….guess again….SHORTLY!
    I really hope they will clear my issue eventually and save me from 137.5 euros of expenditure, which -believe me- in Greece especially is a large amount of money!

  24. As a long time Amazon book shopper I thought I would try BD for a set of books that I have been wanting for a long time – The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (60 volumes).
    I first e-mailed them and asked if they actually had it in stock, very quick reply – oh yes we have 30 sets. All good so on the 23rd Feb I ordered the books and almost immediately $AU2217.86 was debited to my AMEX. So far all good, with 30 copies in stock I expected to get them soon.
    On the 4th March I received an e-mail and was told the order was cancelled, could not supply and would refund the money to my AMEX. Annoying but still OK, I will order from Amazon at a slightly higher price.
    The next day I checked my AMEX and noted a deposit from BD of just under $AU1400, a shortfall of around $AU800.
    Three e-mails later I eventually get an e-mail saying they had payed the correct amount and would do nothing about it and saying not to contact them about the matter again. They even hinted that they would not cooperate with AMEX in any investigation.
    The matter is now in the hands of AMEX international investigations who I trust will resolve the matter.
    Will I or anyone I know do business with BD again? Absolutely NO. Dont do business with them for anything other than cheap books where you potentially have little to lose.
    If a BD manager wishes to contact me and resolve this matter I will be happy to post a retraction but as it stands at the moment I have been well and truly shafted by BD to the tune of over $AU800.

  25. Hey there, I am currently going through a little shit fight with The Book Suppository as well, check out my facebook page with the current status of things. I am adding your blog to my facebook page, I hope you get things sorted out ASAP, my issues pales in comparison to yours.


  26. I would also like to add problems I have had with book depository. In April I ordered a book from them as it was currently out of stock on Amazon.

    I followed the updates with the tracking number and after a few days it said the item had been shipped. Great I thought – I’ll soon have my book. 20 days later and still nothing – so I emailed them explaining that I had received nothing and got a quick reply stating that they would send replacement copy.

    Great I thought once again – packages do get lost sometimes. However, after about another two weeks still nothing. This time I asked them for a refund and this is what I got a few days later. Unfortunately the situation didn’t end there.

    I paid for the book using a UK based account – the book cost 11.86 Euros – however my account was debited for 9.86 pounds plus 1 pound “internaitonal fee” Which strangely adds up to 11.86 – the same price of the book but in pounds.

    Anyway, the refund I recieved was 9.96 pounds with no fee refunded. So basically the book was priced in Euros, they charged me the same amount in pounds and refunded me less – essentially stealing my money and wasting my time. Not a lot and certainly not as much as some people here, but still it’s my money.

    I’ve emailed them but they have so far they have fobbed me off with text book answers. I don’t think I’ll be bothering to follow it up anymore as it’s not worth the time.

    I will though never use them again and never recommend another person to buy from them. I will be sticking with Amazon (which also is not perfect by anymeans) but at least I get what I order.(It’s good that they now deliver for free using DHL) It’s a shame as I work in education and often order books so they have surely lost a few sales.


    Don’t take down this post even if you get things sorted out. It is a valuable resource to any consumer who is researching the company that they buy products from.

  27. Very annoying, bought 2 books from them. they had 2 versions of each book showing one cheap and one more expensive.. the cheap version of one was in stock but not the other.. so i bought one cheap and one expensive.. order processed.. oh dear we dont actually have stock of the cheap one.. refund.. ok i’ll bite whatever.. bought both books expensive verisons.. the next day.. oh interesting.. they are showing both cheap versions in stock..

    I know nothing like your story but still very annoying.. and kinda a bit shifty if you ask me..

  28. I filed a complaint at regarding Book Depository’s bait-and-switch ebook sales and terrible customer service.

  29. The exact same thing happened to me as Wessel. I ordered three books, and only one (the one apparently dispatched four days after the original two) arrived. I emailed them about 10 days later asking where it was and got quite a rude reply about international deliveries taking up to two weeks when i’m pretty bloody sure it was a national one but anyway! So then three weeks later, i email again due to no sign of the books and they say they really should have arrived and ask me to double check with my local delivery office and then to confirm my address.
    After all this, with various different unhelpful emails from various different customer advisors, they ask would i like a refund or a replacement, so seeing as one of the books was a present, i say i still would very much like the books so i’ll take a replacement. Then, i get a reply saying we can’t give you a replacement as ‘so many’ have gone missing (reminder-only 2)…why did they offer in the first place then?!
    So I ask for a refund then and get an automated email apologising blah blah blah sorry about your order, and one of the lines says ‘unfortunately your title was out of stock’…which made me wonder were the books ever sent out in the first place?? I heavily suspect not! My delivery office has never messed up before, and the fact that they don’t even follow up missing orders (which would cost potentially a pretty penny for them) makes me think they never send out some orders at all.
    Just had to share after seeing so many similar stories. Had to check that mine wasn’t a fluke. They’ve definitely lost me as a customer and i’ll be making anyone else aware before they buy in the future.

  30. Oh, also, still waiting on that refund…shoddy business, no wonder delivery is free!

  31. Good thing I read this. I was just going to place an order. I’m sorry for your bad experience.

  32. Great, I just joined this club. I cannot get a refund on a return book after 3 months.

    I contacted them via their chat online BUT THEY CLOSE IT DOWN!

    Now there is not phone no, only an email and a contact form.

    They do not even reply my emails.

    It should not be legal that online shop does not have a live chat or telephone nom

  33. Hope I don’t get shafted…

    i’m a first time customer on, after I read positive reviews on my country’s community forums. I had intended to buy a book on BD I couldn’t get in stock in my local bookshop. However, my local bookshop had stock the very next day so I decided to cancel my order.

    I have sent 3 messages (2 emails and 1 through BD’s ‘Contact Us’ page) to ask them to cancel the order. It’s now a day later and still no replies or confirmation of my cancellation. The order details still remain under ‘processing’ status. I only hope they have not taken the amount of the book from my bank account yet. 😦

    Now I’m left waiting for a reply from them while not able to buy the book from my local bookshop.

  34. wow, was just about to spend 90 dollars on books from BD, but after reading this i don’t think ill ever use their website. That is totally ripping off

  35. well I guess tomorrow I will order my book from someone else. I ended up here because like most people here I have yet to receive my order. Btw, the book is for my partners class, so I was hoping to get it before neverary.

    A side note: I do not like the idea of the book depository using .COM it should be .CO.UK, Very Deceptive as I would have never ordered someting I needed from another country.

    Very shiity way to do business!!!

  36. Well, I received my book without trouble from BD exactly 10 working days as the FAQ says. But I just placed another order because I got 10% off coupon. I couldn’t find the coupon code box, so I thought it should be on the next page, but couldn’t find it there either (which was the last page).. Ended up not using the coupon. After searching on the internet, turns out that the coupon code box will only show if we click through the email, not from the site. They should specify that.

    • The problem is fixed, they added the 10% discount to my order. And since I somehow got my copy of Inheritance by Christopher Paolini exactly on the release date, I’ve got nothing but glowing reviews for BD 🙂

  37. BD has a flawed purchasing system, after an order has been submitted, the customer cannot perform any changes with their order, including the most important thing of all, the delivery address. What is the point of having a confirmation page if no one can make any changes?

    The email response was slow, which resulted into my problem. The package has now been dispatched, to the wrong address.

    The response from BD is for me to send back the package (cost on me?!) once I received it, then they can resend. (How long is that going to cost and take?) Or they can refund me, but I still have to pay for the return cost. That is like more than the cost of the book itself…

    The delivery address and billing address options if they are different, makes it an easy mistake for one to make if we are not careful. And therefore should be simple to change.

    Due to the slow email response time and the website flaw, overall this looks to me as a service error, unable to perform such a simple but important task. As my request was sent whilst in the “processing” stage, I believe the responsibility in this instance lies with BookDepository. A book needs to be resent to the correct address.

    • I had the same problem. They used my billing details from Paypal instead of my information on my BD account (what’s the point right?), and sent my package to the wrong address.

      It’s been almost four months and I’ve yet to see my FOUR books that cost me more than $120. The customer service gave me a consistent reply (template, copy, paste), telling me that I have to personally contact them every now and then to check if the ‘lost’ parcel has been returned to their office and until then, they can’t do anything about my order. Seriously?

      This entire experience was horrible, and all I want is just my money returned to me, or the books if possible.

  38. I’ve just now received a book after a mere six weeks of waiting. They are shite-merchants. They state an estimated 2 week delivery time on their website to Australia.

    After two weeks when the book hadn’t show up I emailed them. It took another two emails and several day to confirming things I had said in my first email. Then I was told “Please wait another two weeks, our mail provider wont let us do anything unless its been four weeks.” I let them know that I was disappointed, because I only had the expectation as they had given it to me. I also asked them, what would happen if they didn’t arrive in two weeks. They told me that they were sorry but there simply wasn’t anything they could do but ask me to wait for another two weeks.

    On the final day, 5/6 of the books showed up. I emailed them telling them that one of the books was missing. They offered a refund or to send it out again and I asked to have another copy posted. Now I’d say at this point after some 6 or seven emails on my part, and them asking me to check with my post office some 3 times, it might have been courteous for them to ship the book priority mail, or if not with a voucher or something. Well two weeks later I got the book, nothing more. I’d say thats pretty shit. They aren’t obligated to give me anything else, but it does bugger all for my brand loyalty.

    My problem is this: Why state a two week ETA if
    1. There is a good chance the items wont get there in two weeks
    2. There is nothing you can do about it for four weeks
    3. When it has become apparent that BD or they shipping company has ballsed up they just shove the book in the mail and expect you to wait another two weeks.

    Thats shit, Amazons delivery time might be longer but at least they stick to it. BD was off by 200%, thats like saying im 18 feet tall.

  39. for all member

  40. Im scared. Ok. Im scared. SO let me begin. I ordered this book: The Night Circus By Erin Morgenstern(The hardcover/back with the red cover and the two guys on the front cover with black edged page) because one youtube friend recommend me bookdepository. In my conditions, im a college medicine student from Dominican Republic. Yeah a little island in the Caribbean. I dont speak a perfect english, so sorry for some bad-spelled words. Anyways, I had to make an PO box account on USA because that was the only way i could buy anything and arrive here fast. “Fast”. Since our Dominican Postal service has bad services and much problems. Anyway i made the order in a X week. SO yeah i was very excited you know, im crazy to have this book. It passed more than a week my book still in that “processing” label thing i totally hate. You know im thinking my book wont arrive. And is dissapointing because yeah i contact them. Im not mad. Im really not. Im sad and because the emails for “help” i recieve showed no sing of “We care for ourcustomers”. What made me feel bit like stupid was that i recieve like 10 different emails from some persons. One told me my book was going to be dispatched in 48 hours. Uff that 48 hours passed and wheres my book? Maybe in China who knows. Another email. We’re sorry but your book is UNAVAILABLE NOW. HELLO? Then why it letted me made the order if there was “no book” and the book was going to be dispatched in MAXIMUN 3 days. 3 days passed. The processing label still look me with monster eyes.(when i made my order of course they were books).

    I did this. I put another email to see if the book was “available”. Another email. Dear we have 211 of this tittle available. That email punched my face worst than does hits you see on WWF. WHAT? 211 available?!. BUT yeah. In ALL ok. ALL emails i riecieve the same sentence: “IF YOU WANT REFUND/CANCEL”. Hell NO. I want MY book.

    Im a possitive person. I still wait my book to arrive. Sadly i got so many different emails treating me like idiot. Excuse me if that was not your point. But thats how i felt.

    One last thing. I dont know much about prices of books. How come i buy a book one day in a price. Next day is cheaper. And still they charged me the high price. I dont get that. Anyway I really hope not to have to cancel my order.. Maybe my book arrives someday.. 😀

    Hope you all have recieve your book and i hope none of you ever got this issues.

    NICE day ^^

  41. I think that BD’s modus operandi is to just leave the customer confused and to lie, lie, lie. I should have known, after having lived in Lodnon for 4 years, that British customer service would be absolute shit, as well.

    I ordered a book on Dec. 5, which was, according to the website, the deadline for Christmas deliveries to the US. The website also said that most orders would be sent out within 48 hours. So on Dec. 13th, I decided to “track” my order. It said that the order was being processed and had not yet gone out! So I sent an email and miraculously, the response was that it had been sent out that very day – Dec. 13th.

    I did NOT receive the book in time for Christmas, so someone very close to me went without his Christmas gift. I sent an email to inquire as to why I had not received the order, and the responses were hilarious: They gave me the whole explanation of 7-14 working days, that they had refunded my money, but I should still expect the book, etc. Then, in typical British customer service fashion, I received an email stating that I should NOT have had my money refunded, but as someone had already told me that I could, they would have to follow through with the refund. Then another email assuring me my order had been sent out on the 13th. Then an email telling me my order had been cancelled. I find it odd that a compnay would just issue a refund when the order had supposedly gone out.

    They did follow through with the refund, which according to what I’ve read in online reviews, I should consider myself lucky. But I really wanted the book as it is one not available in the US and it would have been a perfect gift for the person intended.

    Also, the “track your package” feature on their website is ridiculous: it only shows whether the order was sent or when it was cancelled. It suspiciously does not show what carrier or courier the order was dispatched through. It would be nice, if as with most companies, it gave the delivery number and carrier service so one could check with Royal Mail, Fedex, UPS, etc., to see where their package was.

    I am convinced that This company might not have the stock they claim to have, and when the book you’ve ordered is not readily available, the customer service department is told to either lie to or confuse the customer, to tell the customer that the order “must have gotten lost,” etc. I find it hard to believe that so many of their orders get lost.

    This has been a particularly unpleasant, but very British, customer service experience and it makes me so happy to have relocated to America where behavior like this would not be tolerated.

  42. I have similar problem now, I ordered book from them (just one book), transaction have been made, everything seems to be fine. Then six working days has passed and I don’t received confirmation mail from them, nothing. So I write them an email asking what’s going on. So far they don’t answer, so this fiasco really angers me.

  43. Two of the 6 books that i order arrived today(to Portugal), one of them was the complete wrong book, its a POCKET SIZE BOOK, and I never ordered a pocket size book!!! When someone orders a book they expect to be in the normal size, NOT A LITTLE BOOK WITH A REDUCED STORY! Pocket size books are for people that don’t want to read!!!!! and STEPHEN KING DOES NOT WRITE POCKET SIZE BOOKS, as we all know, the books are always very big!
    Now im thinking that the reason that the prices are low is because they are not the real versions of the books, but a SMALL POCKET VERSION! that no one in their right mind wants to read it!!!
    People go there to by real books, and they sell them SMALL PIECES OF CRAP! Shouldn’t they say that is a POCKET SIZE BOOK, SO PEOPLE CAN CHOOSE THE RIGHT BOOK FOR THEM??????!!!!!

    NOW I HAVE CONTECTED THEM, and ask what they are going to do about this! Are they going to help and give me the right books or should I throw this pieces of crap in to the garbage and buy the real books from a real store!
    I have 76 books in my wishlist, can any of you imagine if I hand buy a lot more books, like I wanted??!!! I just thought that I should wait to see if the books would come in the right condition and then by more.
    Waiting to see if they will do anything about this!

    Im so disappointed……………………………………..!!!

    Will come back to say something about this, and to see what they do!

  44. After contact them (because of the small size of the books), one of their employees told me that they have different book formats and I had to see it in this place:
    –See: Full bibliographic data — inside that, is this:

    Physical properties Format: Hardback
    Number of pages: 528
    Width: 160 mm
    Height: 229 mm
    Thickness: 46 mm
    Weight: 680 g

    They should have this information on the description of the book, like this:

    Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices (Cloth)) (Hardback) –If is a MASS MARKET POCKET OR A POCKET BOOK, this information should be right THERE!! NOT HIDDEN IN THE Full bibliographic data!

    this book that I put there as the right size ITS A NORMAL BOOK.




    Tanks mr James I really hope that you can put forward the idea to put standardised sizes of the books in the description, and I hope that they accept!!!
    Your store never had this problem before??
    I will waint for the rest of the books and the return them to your store to be refunded and be able to buy the book in the normal size.

    Is it normal for books that were shipped in the same day to arrive in diferent dates?

    do you know the size for normal books(the standart edition)? I dont want to make the same mistake twice!

    tanks for all your help.

    Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 21:43:50 +0000
    Subject: Re: Contact us form post: I have received the wrong book

    Dear Bruno,

    Unfortunately different website have different formats of how they put up their information, Amazon for an example you will need to check the biography in order to see what language the title is in. I will put forward the idea to see if we can put standardised sizes of the books in the description, however as I said below this is difficult as different titles come in different sizes, weight and formats.

    On further inspection I can confirm this is not a “Pocket” sized title it is what is called Mass Market Paper Back. Please note that no content has been omitted (left out) from the title, however Mass market paperbacks tend to have cheaper paper, no (or very few) illustrations, smaller print, and a smaller page dimension.
    Unfortunately we are unable to offer exchanges, however you are welcome to return the title to us at:
    Returns Department
    The Book Depository Ltd.
    Goodridge Business Park,
    GL2 5EB
    Please include the packing slip as this provides all the information needed to process your refund and also a brief note explaining the reasons for your return. I am afraid that we are unable to reimburse customers for expenses incurred returning titles to us.
    I hope the above information helps you.

    Kind Regards,
    James Hoddy
    Customer Advisor

    On 18/01/2012 20:15, Night Night wrote:
    the ISBN is: 978-0-451-21084-5

    I went to see what you where you talking about, when you said “bibliographic data”, and I never iven seen that because i tought all the books where in the normal size, like we have here in Portugal, when its a different book size they say it just next to the book! Like — paperback, pocket paperback or hardback! and I never saw that in the books that I order!
    I never expected that to be “hidden” in the bibliographic data, I think it should be in the title like this: The Gunslinger (Dark Tower (Paperback)) (Paperback) IF the book is a pocket book would be simple to do this: The Gunslinger (Dark Tower (Paperback)) (POCKET Paperback), so that would be missleading?

    You have in the site the says: Filter your search: price range —Availability—–Format — in the FORMAT there’s nothing saying POCKET BOOK!

    what is the normal book size??

    Now I saw that all the books are in the same size, so now what can I do?? throw them away? because I cant read half the book, this pocket books have the story is cut in half or more.

    tank you.



  45. I came to this forum a while ago when I was having a problem with these guys too. I had received a broken signed book worth £135. As it was meant for a gift I’m sure everyone can understand I wanted an exchange. I sent many emails to customer services. They asked for proof and so I sent it. 20 days later (and many emails asking for further information) I had no reply and so I found their managers email and forwarded all of the past emails to him/her and begged for help. Miraculously the next day I got a response from customer services email address offering me a 50% refund. I declined as it was a gift and so they returned all of my money within 3 days as they had no remaining stock and let me keep the damaged book.



    Forward your failed pleas for help here. However I will add I was pleasant in all of my exchanges. Even when I was loosing hope 17 days before the gift needed to be given. I can’t guarantee that you will, or even should, get a positive response if you have been swearing and insulting your way through the book depository customer service staff.

    Good luck

  46. they are absolute con artists ordered books from there site said they would arrive 1-3 days here i am 10 days later with no response to my messages from them and no money back honestly theres a reason why they dont put there telephone number on the site if anyone knows it please say i would love to actually be able to speak to someone for once rather than them hiding behind there emails fucking scum!

  47. Does anyone know if the is any different and better than the

    • I haven’t notice any different.

  48. I only wish I had seen this page before using the Book Depository. I imagine like many people, I was taken in by the lower costs as compared to sites like Amazon. I ordered a book for £86.28 which had an RRP of £116.99 (perhaps this alone should have made me suspicious) on 20th June.

    I was advised that the item would be dispatched within 48 hours – this was not the case. I emailed their customer suport and was told they were having issues sourcing the stock from their usual supplier. Seemed very much like a template to me. Finally, the item was dispatched a week after ordering. I was told that if the item did not arrive by 3rd July to contact them.

    The item did not arrive. I contacted them. I wonder why they even ask customers to get in touch in that situation. I was given an apology, but basically told there was nothing that would be happening. I have to wait until 21st July before they will even look into the situation as they shift any error onto Royal Mail.

    I now fear that I will be going through a long and drawn out process to see my £86.28 again. Unacceptable, that customers have to go through this type of stress and inconvenience, while the Book Depository has our money.

    Strongly encourage anyone reading this not to even consider using this company. The lower prices simply are not worth it.

  49. Though I have used The Book Depository and received items promptly, I am currently waiting for a book I preordered months ago – they keep moving the date expected along…! When I sent them an email asking when it would be dispatched, I received an abrupt reply that if I didn’t want to wait then I should ask for a refund. I said I wait, but I am still waiting!! Sounds from other people that they don’t do the refund anyway. How disappointing.

  50. Let’s add one more…My story.
    I ordered a book for 41.32 euros.It got lost.And now, all they want to give me is a refund.Why?because the book is now 51.74.NOT FAIR!

  51. Most of what I ordered has arrived but a few of the books have arrived in very poor condition. Some have got damaged in the post (am assuming it’s the post) – hardcover children’s books bent and novels looking like used books – dirty and yellow coloured.

  52. Have things change after the Amazon acquisition?

  53. I have just contacted The Book Depository on 01452-307905. I told them what was wrong with the book I received as a gift and they ordered a new one. I will wait to see what happens & keep you posted

  54. The book depository is the most unhelpful, ungrateful, conning website on the internet DO NOT BUY BOOKS FROM THEM! Sure you can read the other reviews that didn’t have a problem and thats fine, yours may not not either. BUT if it does, then do not expect to receive any response nor your money back from the company. I ordered two books at the same time, about a month later a package arrived with only one book in the package and an invoice inside the package only stating one book was ordered. Alright no big problem someone stuffed up, it happens, who cares right? I’ll just ask for a refund of that one book and be on my merry little way. So i sent them a polite email detailing the problem that occurred and asking for a refund to be made to my paypal account for cost of that one book. I wait for a response. I wait a little longer. Still nothing, so 2 weeks on i send another email via the paypal resolution centre, still polite and not angry, just want my money back seems as though i have paid for something i have not received. Still no response a week after that, so now i have escalated that response to a claim and am still awaiting a response.

    So if you want to run the gauntlet of loosing half your purchase and half your money then by all means use this website. If not, try a different website, there are plenty of them out there.

  55. This is really strange. I have ordered over 250 books from Bookdepository (both .com and, and never had a problem. Sure, sending can take a long time sometimes, and there are some books that never arrived, but I just sent them an e-mail and they immediately sent me another copy. I had some damaged books as well, but then they offered me either a (partial) refund or a replacement, and I didn’t even have to send back the damaged copy.

    I mostly buy cheap pockets, so perhaps their policy is different for more expensive books. But for me, Bookdepository has excellent service and prices that are pretty much impossible to beat. I’m quite surprised to see so many negative reactions here, because in other complaint thread I read, responses have been mostly positive (example:

  56. I am so disappointed with the quality of customer service at Book Depository. This is my on-going saga with them: I had ordered a pre-order release of a book for USD6.74 which I paid for via Paypal. The book was scheduled to be released on 27 Nov 2012 so when 30 Nov rolled around with no news from them, I emailed to enquire on the status of the book. On 1st Dec, someone from Book Depository emailed back and informed me they had successfully cancelled and refunded me as I had requested!There was no such thing, as I merely enquired on the status!! Meanwhile I had received an automatic email notification that the book I had ordered had been released and was on its way to me.I quickly replied the customer service advisor, telling him/her NOT to cancel my order and refund me..I just want the book! But according to Book Dep, it was too late; the order had been cancelled and if I want the book I have to order it again!! But the new price for the released book is USD8.02 so I asked whether they could honour the original USD6.74 since the mistake was theirs. Also, where was the USD6.74 gonna be refunded to i.e. my Paypal account or to my credit card attached to the Paypal account? I’m then told that their “service provider” is unable to refund me so they will send a cheque. BUT, a USD6.74 cheque will incur a loss for me after undergoing rate conversion and bank charges (I reside in Malaysia) so a cheque sent to me all the way from the UK (if it even arrives at all) is not feasible to me financially, so I request they just keep the USD6.74 and send me the book.And book depository cannot even do a simple thing like that! Why can’t they just take the USD6.74 which is already in their hands, and send me the book?
    This is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

  57. Almost made a big deal with those guys.. after reading this I am surely not going to.
    not me, not everyone I know.
    thank you.

  58. As I read all these posts I realized I’m the biggest fool on here. I ordered over 40 books as gifts for my students over a month and a half ago. Only 6 have arrived. I haven’t heard from their customer service in weeks despite continued emails. Should have paid the shipping with another company. If they don’t change their tune I don’t see how they can stay in business as the word is spreading about their terrible service.

  59. I placed an order for a single book with 2 audio CDs (one single item) on 11th December. It was dispatched on 13th December. I chose to receive a replacement. I still haven’t receive them yet.

    Original order: dispatched on 13th December 2012
    Replacement: requested and confirmed on 10th January 2013

    Asked for a refund 2 days ago. Terrible delivery.

  60. I have found this company to be arrogant and pigheaded. No wish to deliver good customer serivce. Does anyone know the next step? I have emailed to BD help line and just received more arrogance and pigheadedness. I wish to make my complaint heard and negotiated a solution to my issues. Is there an online book selling ombusman anyone knows of?
    With thanks

  61. I have just decided to stop using their services because I ordered something online, the order wasn’t placed/dispatched because of a glitch on their site, yet they managed to charge me for it. Still waiting for a refund. Their delivery time is also taking twice what it should since they were taken over by Amazon.
    I have always been a faithful Book Dep customer and just so disappointed…Any alternative online bookstore suggestions for Europeans?

  62. I also had problems with very long delivery times, but to their credit the Book Depository refunded me in full. After an 8-week wait the books finally arrived. By then I had already bought them from an alternative supplier, so now I am just waiting for the Book Depository top tell me what to do with them.

    I agree that their customer service is not perfect, but to call them the ca most unhelpful, ungrateful, conning site on the INternet just shows that you have not had much experience of the real criminals out there on the Web.ll them

  63. Atrocious customer service. They completely ignore emails and there is no phone number.

  64. I had very bad experience with the book depository and they cancelled my orders with no reason and no emails and the customer service is awful when answering emails , you have to contact them 6-7 times till they finally resolve your issue.
    But very frustrating to deal with them, all Indians and Muslims working that do not have knowledge of customer service!
    Do not buy from them, your time will be wasted .

  65. I received the wrong order that is worth US $2.50 and i paid over $60. Heart broken 😦

  66. I had an email from BD offering a 10% discount on the next book purchased, but there was no opportunity to put in the code. Twice I made contact with them by email and never had a response…..wouldn’t bother with them again. I order books almost weekly so guess it is their loss.

  67. I’ve been doing business with The Book Depository for about three years, and am at present buying about one book per month through this company. I’ve never had any problems. All ordered books have arrived in good time, in good condition.

  68. Bookdepository is great! Only had a few books out of about 100 that didn’t arrive. I let them know and they sorted it out and sent me a swift replacement free of charge!
    I highly recommend them!

  69. You do realise that certain country’s addresses or certain people’s addresses don’t have street names?

    • Yes. I would think the Book Depository might have figured that out by now, judging by the volume of customer complaints related here. The initial mistake with the address wasn’t the problem so much as the unsatisfactory and protracted follow-up to that mistake.

  70. I found this blog by looking for people who have had issues with this company in the past.
    I always buy books, but ever since amazon started charging “Import fees deposit” I stopped buying from them, and started buying from thebookdepository.
    I have never been a fan of their service, they just put the books inside a bubble padded envelope and that’s it. Considering that some orders have to travel a couple of continents before arriving to their destination, it sounds odd that they should be so cheap about packaging and prefer risking returns.
    I put up with that, I didn’t even complain when after months of having ordered a book it still hadn’t been shipped, only to find out later that “our supplier has informed us that your book is going out of print” and so I would not receive my long awaited book. And I only found out because I asked, they didn’t tell me anything, but the funny thing is, I checked a couple of weeks later to see if it truly wasn’t available, and oh! it was! for $5 more than I had initially “bought” it for!!
    But I’ve had enough now! I’m sick of seeing my books arrive in “used” like state. I’m sick of only receiving patronizing responses from their customer service!! Who cares how little the book costs?! I want it new! I bought it new!
    I don’t know where I’ll be getting my books from now, but it sure won’t be from thebookdepository.

    • Oh, I had almost forgotten, they state “free shipping worldwide”. Ask a friend from another continent, preferably from the UK, to check the price of a book and comparate it to your price, or better yet, visit their website through a UK based proxy, free shipping?

  71. Hi. Just to say that out of 12 books ordered in three years, only 7 arrived to my hands… I love Book Depository’s prices but I don’t know what happens with their shipping system or employees! I have no problems with Amazon or eBay sellers but with them now I’m scared to buy. Regards.

  72. I’ve had bad experiences with the Book Depository too…. many books have been lost on it’s way to south america and it’s something that never ever happened with or Barnes and Noble.

    I’ve read somewhere that Amazon purchased Book Depository… so maybe Amazon is trying to bring it down or something….

    • This post was written in August 2010. As far as I can tell, Amazon and The Book Depository did not reach an agreement until July 2011. It is hard to see how the sorts of customer service problems that people are reporting could have been caused by an outside entity.

  73. Sick and Tired of this mob, they take your money straight up, but never sure whether they have the book in stock. A few times now, I have had to cancel a order because the book was not in stock, and was waiting up to a week or so for it to be posted out to me, but alas, didn’t. Will not be using book depository ever again, may have free postage and decent prices, but the customer service is lousy, and not worth the hassell of having to chase up a refund every time I have given sufficient time for them to get the book in stock.

  74. I will NEVER use Book Depository again. I am experiencing daily delay tactics regarding a refund. The person is doing it deliberately. I have accepted I am never going to get my refund. But thanks to this site, I now have a further couple of email addresses and I am going to start a campaign of complaint, a bombardment. Book Depository sucks and I strongly advise against using them. It is my belief they are gong under and they are continuing to take our money!

  75. I write to report that The Book Depository took me US$432, which is double value in my Brazilian currency. A lot of money for a whole collection bought in October, said to have been sent at the 20th of October. The books have not arrived until now. In return of my e-mails, I just received two messages asking the same: if my address was correct, and it was! They did not provide even a tracking number, which is unbelievable for a sale of such a price! There is no telephone number, nor any other kind of contact, unless e-mails that they do not answer. It is really outrageous. I write to inform customers that The Book Depository unfortunately does not seem to be a reliable company.

    • também tive problemas com eles, o ultimo livro, foi enviado por eles, no dia 15/11/2013 e hoje são 03/12/2013 e ainda não recebi o livro. já os contactei para saber o que se estava a passar. hoje enviaram-me o dinheiro para a minha conta do paypal. tenta falar com eles, apesar de os teus livros serem de um valor bastante alto, penso que eles te devolvem o dinheiro. eu pessoalmente já não comprar mais nenhum livro a eles, este foi o ultimo!
      boa sorte!

      • Muito obrigada, Bruno, pela atenção. Você sabe me dizer se eles têm um telefone de contato? Por e-mail tem sido inútil, porque nunca respondem e, quando o fazem, é para me sugerir que eu vá ao correio procurar algo em meu nome! Se puder me enviar algum outro meio de contato, ficarei muito agradecida.

      • infelizmente é verdade, eles não tem qualquer outro tipo de contacto como o telefone. penso que ainda não te devolveram o dinheiro, por ser uma quantia muito elevada, mas tens que continuar a tentar! já há bastante tempo que conheço a bookdepository, e eles tem tido sempre estes problemas dos livros desaparecerem.
        O problema é que os livros não tem qualquer código para se verificar onde se encontram, o que significa que podem ser roubados, seja por quem for, até mesmo nem serem expedidos da bookdepository, e nós nunca sabemos se enviaram os livros ou não.
        da próxima vez já sabes, não compres nada a eles, faz como eu vou passar a fazer, comprar no ebay ou na amazon. já comprei vários livros no ebay, novos e usados, e nunca tive problema.
        Na amazon eles tem códigos que permitem saber onde estão as encomendas.

        boa sorte Nádia! 🙂

    • got this message today regarding my book:

      Refund – item cancelled

      Dear Bruno Ferreira,

      I am terribly sorry that your order did not arrive. This is just a quick note to confirm that you have been refunded in full for the missing title.

      I am very sorry that this order did not work out for you, and hope that you will return to us in the future.
      I am terribly sorry to inform you that on this occasion we have been unable to fulfil part of your order.

      If your order was a pre-order unfortunately, information ahead of publication is not foolproof so a new title may be cancelled or postponed indefinitely. An edition scheduled for reprinting may be similarly abandoned by the publishers.

      If you have ordered other titles, we will send you the remainder of your order immediately.

      Item refunded

      Order number: BDG-575-82502165518

      Book title Quantity Item price Total
      The Republic of Thieves 1 19.38 19.38

      If you have any questions regarding your order, please reply to this email so that we have your full order details.

      if you would like any additional help, please refer to the on our website, or send an email to our Customer Service Team at

      Again, please accept my apologies and I hope we can be of service to you in the near future.

      Thank you again,
      Head of Customer Service

      Just got my Money! didnt like to be without the book, but with my Money i can allways buy it somewhere else. hope you guys have the same luck!

      • Hi,

        I ordered two books exactly the same. They sent me one book and my order status is showed as shipped. I have sent numerous emails and they just say the items are shipped. I am so disappointed and will never deal with them again as these items were Xmas gifts.

        Even though I have documentation to say I ordered and paid for 2 and only received one, nobody answers my emails as to when the other item will be shipped.

        Jan – Australia

      • yes its true, they that problem since they started the company (lost books, dont respond to emails , etc…) , and I dont thing that they will ever change, so this is the last book that I order! I will ever deal with them again too. I still got my Money back, and I bought my book fro another place.

        Best thing to do, buy it from amazon or ebay.

        good luck

  76. Hi, glad to hear I am not the only one shafted by the Book Depository. In September last year I ordered a book and it was never delivered and now the Book Depository won’t refund my money. I pointed out to them that as they can track books they can certainly see mine was never delivered. Has anyone got email addresses for anyone other than the so called Help desk? I need to take this to someone who might act on my complaint.

  77. Bookdepository sucks! I had an affiliate account with them (or still have)…I put their banners and links to their books on my blog, and earn commission if someone buys a book via the link on my blog. A couple of weeks ago I could not log in to my account anymore, and could not re-set the password either….I emailed them and they said that the email I was using all this time had never been registered with them and I never had an account. THey also kindly suggested I open an account with them. I forwarded them my registration emails I got from them when I opened an account and I am still waiting for their response. So, in their words, I never had an account with them…and I guess I will never see my commission money either.

  78. I ordered 2 childrens books from them and never received a confirmation email. I have not received the books and they were for a birthday present. I am going to have to re-order the books now from somewhere else. I feel really let down, and so annoyed with myself that I didn’t check if they had contact details. I have sent them an email this morning but had no reply and their live chat doesn’t work either!

    Avoid this website at all costs! Only wish I had taken my own advice.

  79. I am disappointed with The book depository since I chose a book and they are sending me a screen play. I would like my money back or have the correct book in my hands without such a mess.

  80. I really wished I had checked this site before placing my order with Book Depository. I had ordered 2 Books on March 27th and received an online acknowledgement but did not check if the shipping address was correct. 2 days later I received 2 separate emails advising that my books have been shipped. However, 3 weeks later I still had not received my books. Then I sent an email enquiring the status and was advised that the books were sent to my address but was missing the second line of the address box which would have indicated my unit number. I did not kick up a fuss as I had thought that I may have made a mistake but it looks like I am not the only one having the second line of the address missing from their order system.

    I then enquired if they could send me new copies whilst waiting for the original shipment to be returned to them but was told that they have to have the books returned before they send out new copies to me. I had ordered books from previously and whilst occassionally they have had shipment problems, they have always reshipped without hassles.

    On July 25th I made another enquiry as I have not heard from Book Depository and this was their reply: “I am afraid that we have not yet had your order returned to us. Once we have received our daily returns they are immediately unpacked and uploaded on to our returns database. We can only recommend that you continue to contact us on a weekly basis to check when and if they are returned. We apologise that we cannot be of greater assistance at this stage and for any inconvenience caused.” It is totally clear that Book Depository does not understand or simply cannot give a hoot about customer service.


    I will go back to Better World Books for all my book orders; which I should have for these two books but was hoping for an alternative source.

  81. I’m afraid i have become the latest victim of have gone through the experiences described above.Can anyone help me with information as to how I can recover my money from them?

  82. Want to add my issue here. I ordered off their site because they had a specific edition of a paperback I wanted (as in a specific cover) and it arrived and was the wrong book. Their claim is that the publishers provide the image and there are multiple covers associated with one ISBN. Which is fine, but many people order books based on the cover or they want a certain addition. I wish it would have been more clearly stated that what I was seeing was no guarantee of what I would get. A little pissed off.

  83. I just created my account, but this post scared me off. thanks a lot for the heads up

  84. As a long time customer with the book depository(but no more), in december 2015, I ordered 2 different books(neither I ended up getting), they were ordered at different times in december, I had to get refunds on both of them. I do not know what happened to either book, but I am sick and tired of ordering something and then the item does not arrive. I am going to look for alternatives to this “mob” as book depository is no more a good company.

  85. Yes it is a scam. I know . I paid for 2 books in March , It ‘s April now and no answer . I ”ve just been ripped off . I wish i had done some research on them before ordering . Now the question if I need to report them to the police in UK or to the police in my own country. Never do business with them , I ‘ve also seen they have some people write good comments for them. Don’t trust them ! They just want to continue ripping off people without being ARRESTED ! I can imagine the amount of money they make !

  86. Amazon now does business through Book Depository US. Protect yourself by ordering through Amazon as Amazon keeps a record of every complaint and will work for customer complaint resolution

  87. From the above looks like Book Depository since 2011 and now it is 2017 so we’re talking six years has a problem with sending books. Earlier this year 2017 ordered a book, it NEVER arrived. Book Depository excuse: ‘I had given wrong email “. Whatever wrong email has to do with MAILING address is beyond me. The mailing address was correct, so the book should have come to my front door. Book Depository said, “Will resend the book” still used the same MAILING address and the book ARRIVED. Looks to me Book Depository staff did not fill the order the first time. Next order came through OKAY. Next I placed over period of several weeks 5-books. One of the five books arrived. The other 4-books 2-,months later NEVER have arrived. Tried to contact, no reply. Contacted again, no reply.After third try got NONCHALANT answer. “Will resend the order or refund”.. Get it, “ORDER” singular where I come from four (4) is plural, so it must say “ORDERS”. So, what are they going to resend??? four (4) books or one (1) book????
    Between you, me and the fence post I think Book Depository staff are a disgruntled bunch no different than Amazon, and for the same reasons.

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