Library Lions

April 23, 2010 at 12:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

At lunchtime, I walked out of the San Francisco Library toward a crosswalk.  Two gentlemen were hanging out on the steps, anywhere in age between 40 and 60, checking out the passersby.  One of them called out to me:

“Hey, how you doin’, darlin?  Good afternoon!”

He kept calling to me, so I waved my hand over my shoulder, fingers spread in the universal sign for I’m Married.

The man smiled and held his hand up in a manly fist, showing his own ring.  “Yeah, me too,” he said.

His friend called, “You got to live for today, darlin!”



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  1. What’s with that? I got hit on at the library the other day (Nashville, TN), while- get this- standing outside the men’s restroom while waiting for my son to come out. REALLY?!?!? Creepiness! Must be something about all those books! 😉

    • Outside a restroom. Now *there’s* a meet-cute story for a wedding reception dinner! “Yeah, I took one look at him standing by that restroom and knew I just had to leave my husband and family for him!” Sheesh.

  2. Whaaat? Reading definitely is sexy, but that might be going too far! Crazy story!

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