Spurious Book Catalog, January

January 29, 2010 at 1:47 pm | Posted in Book Blather | Leave a comment

Oh, dear!  We almost got through the month without a list of books that won’t be available for sale at a bookstore near you.

Spawn with the Wind – Atlanta is burned by a caped revenant who misses his girlfriend.

The Lost Cymbal – An orchestra simply cannot play the same song over and over one more time until someone tracks down its missing piece of percussion equipment.

Mid-flight’s Children – Flight attendants forcibly re-seat two scampering children on a long international journey, mistakenly placing one in coach and one in first class.

The Count of Monte Crisco – A prison escape through some very narrow plumbing fixtures using the family’s patented cooking grease.

Going Vogue – A notorious political celebrity discusses her beauty regimen and why conservatives have room for women only when they are extremely photogenic.

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