The Harebrained Scheme

January 21, 2010 at 10:19 am | Posted in Book Blather | 11 Comments

Guess what?

I quit my job on Tuesday.

I’m going to work on the storyboards for my book and see if I can find either an agent or a publisher – hopefully both!

The negative side to this is that it’s a pretty risky move.  I’ve been at my current job nearly three years and I had a pension.  The Greek chorus is singing, “What are you thinking?”

I’m able to pull it off due to a set of fortunate circumstances.  Most importantly, perhaps, I feel like I’ve got a winner and the next several steps are clear to me.  But it would never happen at all if I hadn’t done some serious work over the last several years.  I paid off all my consumer debt and got rid of my car over three years ago.  I have over four months’ living expenses saved up.  I have multiple fallback plans if things take longer than expected and I drain my cash reserves.  I have a binder full of notes, outlines, and research for my various projects, and the first on the list is already written.  Of course, it helps to have a supportive spouse, and frankly I couldn’t be doing this now without him, but at least we both know there won’t be any negative financial effects to my quitting my day job for at least four months.

My dear Rocket Scientist summed it up nicely, though unflatteringly, when he said, “You’re not risking anything – you’re a secretary.”  Yep, it’s true.  I don’t exactly earn epic amounts at my job, and I can always go back to temping if worse comes to worst.

There are other dimensions to this story, but the essence is that my spouse and I both have entrepreneurial dreams, we agree to help support each other to develop them as far as we are able, and there’s too much to lose by continuing to drag ourselves through our daily routine until retirement.

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