The Future of E-Readers

December 7, 2009 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 2 Comments

Are you ready for this?  We have seen the future of e-readers, and it is caffeinated.

You may have seen various versions of the hologram keyboard, which are expensive and rare but available now if you want to track one down.  I hear the hologram monitor is under development.  Early versions, at least, project an image onto steam.

What makes steam?

Locomotives?  Steamships?  Showers?  Valentine’s Day in my sweetie’s pickup truck?

Keep trying.  Coffee makes steam!

The future of e-readers is this: Specialty coffee mugs that project an e-text directly over your beverage.  You heard it here first.

The reason this is a killer app is that if you get to a good part and you’re out of coffee, you have to buy a refill in order to keep reading.


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  1. What WP theme are you using?

    • Pool by Borja Fernandez.

      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner – somehow your comment got tagged as spam.

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