November 15, 2009 at 11:27 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 2 Comments

Reading funks!  They’re like the Sand Worms in Beetlejuice.  I’ve had trouble applying myself lately; my mind is besieged by randomness.  Here’s a sample:

Thanksgiving.  I’m hosting for the first time ever, and my family are driving 12 hours to visit.  I’ve invited a few others, but don’t have final numbers yet – I may have anywhere from 7-13.  All I can think about is napkin folds – which didn’t interest me at my wedding – and who’s gluten-free this year.  Visions of cookbooks dance in my head, compounded by:

CSA.  Community-Supported Agriculture.  I just joined one of these, and I’ve started getting weekly vegetable delivery.  Let me tell you, finding ways to cook up 16 pounds of leafy green vegetables is challenging.  What’s more challenging is figuring out what to do with stuff like kohlrabi that I haven’t even seen before.  TG for our chest freezer.

The gym.  We got a family gym membership last month.  I told my man Rocket Scientist that if he got back down to 220 he could get cable again.  Astronauts are not as dedicated to a fitness plan as this man, all of a sudden.  We’re down there every weekday.  And all this leads to:

Migraine.  I’ve had two in the last week and a half, after doing pretty well for a few months.  I got one on Thursday during my commute home from work – lucky/unlucky because I had Friday off.  Then a week later I got another one.  Five AM is a sucky time to feel like someone is gouging out your eye with a melon baller.  I slept until 4PM, with brief waking periods to swallow another Aleve and send propitiatory prayers to Thor.  Needless to say, that wasn’t a record-breaking reading day.

I’m closing my gap, though – I think I’m only 8 books behind for maintaining my 500-in-2009 reading goal.  Most likely the gap will widen over Thanksgiving weekend, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed, huh?


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  1. I hear you on the CSA. I love the produce box but it makes me get very creative in the kitchen. Especially at this time of the year – how much squash and cabbage can I make?

    • I know! We can barely fit the 2-lb Napa cabbage in our fridge. Luckily our CSA allows you to adjust your preferences. I had to go in and check off a couple of things we can’t seem to stay on top of – for instance, I’m the only one in the family who likes squash.

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