Attack of the Giant Books

October 19, 2009 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Book Blather | Leave a comment

Did you realize Stephen King has a new book coming out next month?  And that it’s over 1000 pages?  I just pre-ordered it on Amazon because it’s only $9.  Inside, I was cringing.

You see, I’m trying to read 500 books this year, and included in my list are several lengthy challenge books.  Yet I couldn’t resist 2666 (912) or The Kindly Ones (992) or Anathem (960), and I’m on the waiting list for Imperial (1344) too.  Now Stephen King has to come out with another doorstop as well!

Don’t get me wrong; the moment I get a new SK all other plans are immediately cancelled until I’m finished.  I’ve been reading his stuff nearly my entire life, and I have no plans to stop.  It’s just… Couldn’t it have come out, say, 6 weeks later?

The other “problem” is that this has been a banner year for many of my favorite authors to have published new books.  We’ve had new works from Nick Hornby, A. S. Byatt, Alice Hoffman, Alexander McCall Smith, Stieg Larsson, Chelsea Cain, Suzanne Collins, and Louise Rennison, and we’re waiting on Anne Tyler, Douglas Coupland, and Barbara Ehrenreich.  Never before have I had this combination of elation and depression.  Yay!  Finally I can read this terrific book that will satisfy all my desires and… slow me down as I try to reach my greatest reading challenge ever.  Get back, temptation.


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