I Read More Than I Sleep

October 8, 2009 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 6 Comments

I just realized that I read 6-7 hours a day and sleep 5-6.  On weekends it’s more like read 12-16 and sleep 8-10.

…This is probably wrong, isn’t it?



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  1. I totally the same way, I am always curious to see what other people are reading and like you constantly craning my neck to get a glimps. If I see someone reading a book on TV or in a Movie I run and look it up to see what it is all about!

  2. I definitely sleep more than I read. Actually, if I could, I’d sleep more than I do anything else!

  3. I really hate that my daily Sleep vs. Read battle is usually won by Sleep The Creep.

  4. I’m jealous that you can get by with so little sleep!

  5. no way, those hours reading : hours sleeping ratios sound right to me.

    and you’re probably enriching your dream life with all of that reading.

  6. Insomnia has its uses… I once met a lady who had been mildly brain damaged in a car accident. The only effect was that she was unable to sleep more than three hours a night. Imagine what a person could do with that kind of time.

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