Daisy Chain #7

September 24, 2009 at 9:38 am | Posted in Daisy Chains | 1 Comment

Weird connections abound between one book and another.

Garden Spells -> The Magicians: turret bedrooms

Garden Spells -> The Children’s Book: a magic apple tree

Bad Things Happen: a character with my new last name, Denham

The Wilderness -> Border Songs: Alzheimer’s test

Border Songs -> Vaux’s swifts, which we saw a few days earlier.  The book is also set at the Washington State/Canada border, where we were traveling.

The Wilderness -> The Seven Days of Peter Crumb: astrological signs

Northanger Abbey -> Early Autumn: a  character named Mr. Tilney

Ender’s Game -> The Kindly Ones: the word ‘megalomania’

Possession -> The Kindly Ones: a character (or dog) named “Hansi”

The Kindly Ones -> March: graphite in the air.  Probably one of my most surprising daisy chain connections.  When do you read about that two days in a row?

The Kindly Ones -> God Lives in St. Petersburg: shashlik, whatever that is – some kind of Russian grilled meat thing?  (checking) K, it’s a shish kebab.

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