A Book and a Town

September 16, 2009 at 3:08 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 9 Comments
We stumbled across something on our return from our honeymoon trip.  The ferry from Victoria stopped in Port Angeles, Washington, where we decided to stop for gas and lunch.  Little did we know, this was the place that portrayed the town of Forks from the Twilight series in the film.
Dazzled by Twilight

Dazzled by Twilight

 Above is a photo of a shop dedicated solely to Twilight memorabilia.  It has another location in Forks.  There was also a restaurant that advertised itself as the location of Edward and Bella’s first date.  (We opted for Chinese instead).  Port Angeles appeared to have Twilight fever.

The real town of Forks has probably also found itself beset by vampire fans.  It looks like you can take a tour of locations in the book if you travel there.  Imagine, an entire tourism niche dedicated to one foot of bookshelf!

I’m trying to think of another literary town whose tourism industry might be based around a particular book.  I myself once took a visiting guest to Snoqualmie, Washington to visit sites from Twin Peaks, but that was a TV series.  (What is it about Washington, anyway?)  Ah.  Now that I think about it, I imagine New Zealand had to fend off thousands of tourists after the Lord of the Rings movies came out.  Chambers of Commerce around the world probably bid for the right to host the latest blockbuster literary/film phenom.

Readers, do you know of any other book-related tourist traps out there?

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