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Okay, I have to confess that I’m thinking about books with only about half my mental capacity today.  The other half is devoted to wedding details.

The caterer wants me to worry about how the napkins should be folded.  My shoes haven’t arrived yet and we’re leaving tomorrow.  I’m still not sure what to play for a wedding march – anything but the Wedding March.  But what I’m really worried about is the most important part.

What books should we pack?

I’m so preoccupied with this that earlier I actually found myself saying, “I had to pick up a prescription at Powell’s.”  Um, books may be a lot of things but I don’t think they actually count as a pharmaceutical.  Even if you’re reading Hunter S. Thompson.

There’s a tragedy involved here.  Of great magnitude!  Don’t tell me about natural disasters; don’t you understand, my other Booker books haven’t arrived yet??  I’m trying out a new online bookseller that shall remain nameless, and I’m unclear whether these books have actually even shipped.  Prospects are grim that they’ll arrive in time for me to take them on the trip tomorrow.  The dilemma is that we’ll only be back with one day to spare before the Booker short list is announced.  Do I buy second copies of these five books, read them, and sell the duplicates?  Or do I blow off the idea and pretend I won’t be obsessing obsessing obsessing about it all week?

The other problem is road trip reading.  We’ll be doing the first leg with Sweetie Junior, who will then either be dropped off with her grandparents, or possibly not.  Then we won’t see her after the wedding for another two weeks.  So I have to try to find something we can either finish in six hours, or that we won’t mind putting off halfway through but might possibly have a chance to finish.  Right now I’m down to contemplating Beowulf.

Then my man Rocket Scientist and I will have roughly thirty hours of combined road trip to ourselves.  Somehow I find that my contemplated road trip stack currently includes seven books.  I think we can actually finish two or three.  Bah.  (The list includes The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, If the Buddha Married, Just a Couple of Days, A Spot of Bother, The MagiciansThe 4-Hour Work Week, and Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America.  Though come to think of it, perhaps a book called Born Fighting shouldn’t be in the honeymoon stack).

Then there’s my personal reading.  I’m probably deluding myself that I’ll have any reading time at all.  But then, we will be gone for 11 days and it’s hard to imagine there won’t be a single moment I’ll have time to kill.  I have a stack of seven, which to me sounds dangerously skimpy for that length of time, but I tend to read almost nothing on vacation.  At least, according to my standards.

Tune in next time for another Reading Road Trip!

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