Overseas Book Prices

August 6, 2009 at 12:06 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 5 Comments

So I broke down and did it.  I bought books.  I had birthday money in my purse, and I figured I might as well spend it getting a good look at those Booker nominees that aren’t available here.  I’d never bought books from overseas before, and I thought you all might be  interested in how the prices broke down.

I bought five titles from Amazon UK: The Quickening Maze, The Children’s Book, How to Paint a Dead Man, Not Untrue and Not Unkind, and Wolf Hall.  After paying shipping and converting the currency from pounds to dollars, it cost $111.21.

We’ll skip Summertime, because it won’t be released until October 27 and the Booker winner will already have been announced then.  I was also able to get Me Cheeta at the library.  (Just sitting on the shelf!  Can you imagine?)

So, the remaining five Booker nominees can be bought on Amazon for a total of $117.56, assuming all new copies to take advantage of the free shipping.

How about that?  It actually wound up being cheaper to buy five books and have them shipped overseas halfway around the world than to get them here.  Of course that’s at least partly because some of the British books are already available in paperback.

Looking at e-books, I was not able to find a Kindle books section on the UK Amazon site.  Of the 13 Booker nominees, only three were available as e-books.  It’s still arguable to me whether the price of the device ever pays itself off, considering an improved version might be available before one had read enough cheaper e-book titles to recoup the investment.

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