Booker Long List 2009

August 5, 2009 at 3:14 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 2 Comments

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Man Booker Prize long list for 2009 was announced last week.  We here at Both Eyes have mixed feelings about this.  Two years ago we barely knew what the Booker Prize was, and now we are helpless slaves to the Booker website.  The bad news is that of the 13 titles on the list, six aren’t available yet and won’t be before the short list is announced.

How, I ask of you, how am I supposed to guess who will be short listed when I can’t read the books?

(Not that that stopped me last year).

The only solution, I suppose, is for me to become British, somehow develop a heavyweight literary reputation, and get on the selection committee.  Do you think I can make that happen by next year?

But wait!  It turns out everything but Coetzee’s Summertime is available on Amazon.UK.  How do you explain to your man that you need to spend a couple hundred dollars on books right away?


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  1. It is such a shame so many of the book are only available in the UK. It isn’t cheap to buy them all even when you live here as almost all of them are still in hardback.

    Have you seen the Book depository?

    You can buy books with free worldwide postage, so you’ll get them for the same price as us in the UK. Still expensive, but I’m sure it is cheaper than Amazon.

    • Now she tells me! I just ordered the five candidates that weren’t going to be available in the US before the prize is announced – last night – on the UK Amazon. Well, maybe next year!

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