Daisy Chain #5

July 24, 2009 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Daisy Chains | 1 Comment

The Protector’s War -> The Bookshop:  Suffolk Punch horses – I’d never heard of them before.

The Bookshop -> Ghost:  Poetry of William Blake.

A Reliable Wife -> The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie:  Poison.

The Burning Plain -> Beloved:  Spiderwebs to treat wounds.

Ghost -> Tethered -> Fun Home:  Mortuaries.  Plus I read How Not to Die, about being a medical examiner.  My bookshelf is scarier than Jeffrey Dahmer’s!

Tethered -> Beloved:  Locks of hair tied up and found on the ground.

The Urban Hermit -> Disappearance Diary:  Guys with jobs who eat really pitiful food.

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  1. Nothing connects for me this week. I was getting so spoiled by daisy chains. Oh well, when I start seeing them again, I’ll appreciate them all the more.

    I’ve also read about spiderwebs to treat wounds, but I can’t think where.

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