Traveling with Books

July 16, 2009 at 2:40 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 5 Comments

Tomorrow we’re picking up our marriage license – in another state.  It also happens to be my birthday tomorrow (big 3-4), so that’s a pretty nice gift.  The trip will be a combination of family fun and wedding planning. 

Luggage is always interesting at my house.  At the end of the bed is a large wooden chest.  On top of it are two bags:  one, a small rolling suitcase with two compartments, and the other, a classic carry-on with a shoulder strap.  In the left-hand compartment of the little suitcase are my clothes for four days, plus an extra shirt and a bathrobe just in case.  In the right-hand compartment are my man Rocket Scientist’s clothes.  In the outer pocket is Beat the Reaper.

The carry-on with the shoulder strap contains:  five books and my SoniCare toothbrush.

That’s how it goes.  The two of us can fit all our clothes in one 15-pound bag, while a bag that is 85% of the size is needed to haul my reading material.  There may not be a name for what I have, but I’m sure it’s diagnosable.

Here’s the other thing.  My wedding is 6 weeks away, and I don’t have a dress yet.  Since the proposal, I’ve read 161 books.



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  1. I’ll just throw this out there: J. Crew. White dresses, delivered to your house in about 4 days. They have some expensive ones, but a lot of their regular dressing come in white, too. I had a coupon, so I paid about $150 for my wedding dress.

    • Thanks!!!

  2. No wedding dress but you’ve read 161 books? LOL! I love it! You know, I was just talking about this disease yesterday on my blog. I have been assured there is no cure except to continue reading. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful wedding!

  3. You are beautiful crazy woman. Rocket Scientist must have known what he was getting into so the packing isn’t driving him nuts right? I take almost that many books backpacking…

    • 17 pounds of clothes (for two), 11 pounds of books. Sigh. …Actually he packs much lighter now since I taught him how to roll up his clothes. The first time we traveled together, he had a separate duffel bag just for shoes that was bigger than my entire suitcase. Tee hee.

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