Who are you? I must know.

July 13, 2009 at 11:04 am | Posted in Book Blather | 6 Comments

…That’s a quote from The Princess Bride, in case you didn’t catch it.

Do you ever find interesting stuff tucked in a book?  I’ve found a foreign coin, shopping lists, envelopes, business cards, and all sorts of cryptic letters and notes.  This time, I found another borrower’s library receipt, something that’s fairly commonplace.  Yet it was a little longer than usual.  I scanned it over and discovered that I had read two of the titles in addition to the book in my hand.  Suddenly I was more curious.

It turns out this mystery patron has 13 books checked out and goes to the library on at least a weekly basis, once two days in a row.  This person also reads a hodgepodge of non-fiction, graphic novels, mystery, award-winning fiction, and fiction in translation.  These things we have in common!  Who is it?  Is it a man or a woman?  I feel like I’m in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Here are the books:

How We Decide – Jonah Lehrer

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey – Jill Bolte Taylor

Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follett

The Red Convertible – Louise Erdrich

Middle Cyclone – Neko Case (an alternative rock/country CD)

The Last of the Angels – Fadil Azzawi

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned – Wells Tower (read)

When You are Engulfed in Flames – David Sedaris (read)

The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For – Alison Bechdel (just read one of her books a couple weeks ago)

Holidays on Ice – David Sedaris

The Poet – Michael Connelly

Borderline ? not sure which one, but I assume the new mystery by Nevada Barr

The Beats – Paul Buhle and Harvey Pekar (the book in my hand)

Okay, I’m guessing this is a woman.  But what age?  Could we be friends?  Are we perhaps on the hold list for any of the same books right at this very moment?

I had this momentary fantasy of driving out to Fort Bragg and pinning this library slip to their bulletin board with my URL written on it.  Ah, but how likely is it that my library list would seem equally interesting to this stranger?

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