Daisy Chain #3

June 10, 2009 at 10:25 am | Posted in Daisy Chains | 3 Comments

The more you notice connections between books, the more you also start to notice connections between your reading and the outside world.

Yesterday, I finished One of Ours, whose protagonist is named Claude.  Later, we went to buy a new bed, and our salesman’s name was also Claude.  It’s not that common a name!  Give me a break, here.

Last weekend, I met someone who had the name “Venia” tattooed down her bicep.  Last night, we were introduced to a minor character named Venia in The Hunger Games.  I suppose it’s possible this girl was a fan of the book, but if so, you’d think she would have chosen “Katniss.”

Okay, I think everything below contains spoilers.

One of Ours -> The Not So Big House Book:  There is a brief scene in One of Ours in which Claude is building a house, and Enid thinks the best area should be reserved for guests.  The Not So Big House Book specifically discusses designing the house around the comfort of the inhabitants so they can enjoy it as much as possible.  If I hadn’t just been reading about architecture and design I would have glossed right over this part of the story in the novel.

One of Ours -> The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and Should You Leave?:   Here is another area where one’s non-fiction reading can impact the understanding of a novel.  It looks like contempt is having a big impact on somebody’s marriage!  There’s also a problem with conflicting relational ethics.

The Outlander -> Pygmy: Protagonists taken in by families who don’t realize they are harboring a cold-blooded killer!

The Man Who Forgot How to Read -> The Outlander:   Fiction and real life overlap again, as the protagonists of books I read on consecutive days both have to figure out what they’re reading by sounding out and interpreting one word at a time.

How the Dead Dream -> Early Bird: the adopted pet standing in for the absent loved one.

Early Bird -> All the Living:  Lonely women who take up jobs playing/teaching piano.

The Beach:  We were reading aloud in the truck about a character called Daffy Duck, who is sort of a ghost, just at the moment we drove past a road-killed duck.  When do you ever see a duck on the shoulder of the road, I ask you?


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  1. You find a lot of interesting connections! I found one in two diff books I read about birds, lately, but it probably wasn’t much of a coincidence as they had very similar subjects.

  2. Tennyson is popping up at every turn this week for me:

    1. My coworker has a book of Poe’s short stories. There’s a blurb on the back by Tennyson.

    2. Tennyson is briefly mentioned in the book I just finished, Three Men In A Boat.

    3. I was paging around in the bio of Truman that I picked up last weekend. Guess what?! He learned the poem “Locksley Hall” in high school & liked it so much that he copied it out longhand and kept it in his wallet. Then when that copy wore out, he wrote it out again…and so on until he finally died at 88, 70 yrs after high school.

    • Now, that is strange. I can’t think of the last time I’ve heard anyone mention Tennyson.

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