Family Reading Hour!

June 9, 2009 at 11:15 am | Posted in Book Blather | 3 Comments

Sweetie Junior moved in yesterday.  We get her alternate weeks.  I decided we should start out on the right foot with Family Reading Hour, so at 9:00 we all settled down to read The Hunger Games.  Noelie sat on her basket and cleaned her feathers, Spike curled up in his dog bed, SJ knitted, and my man Rocket Scientist started up a new cross stitch project.  We all ignored the labyrinth of boxes in the garage.

Now, I read The Hunger Games back in January, and I knew it was the perfect choice for our first pick.  But as I was reading aloud, I got caught up in trying to read well and do the voices and everything, not paying attention to my audience’s reaction.  I closed the book at the end of the first chapter, only to see two jaws hanging slack, and a pair of idle knitting needles.  They were indeed actually on the edges of their seats.

“Do you guys want to do another chapter?” I asked, innocently.

Yes,” they replied, in stereo, in a tone that said, “Well, duh!”

Family Reading Hour turned into 90 minutes.  It was 10:30 and frankly, I couldn’t read much longer anyway.  Haymitch’s voice is rough on the throat.  We have finished the first four chapters.  After SJ went to bed, RS went to put away a few things in the kitchen.  Fifteen minutes later, he came out and asked a question about the political borders in the book.

This morning, he had another question.  It looks as though he may have foreseen something interesting for later books in the series.  I’m not sure which is cuter, that he’s anticipating future developments or that he’s already so caught up in a young adult book.  But then, heck, I chose it…

If we keep up at this pace (about 50 pages per night), we should be able to finish by Sunday.  I’m more concerned that my crew will want to read more on the weekend, because if we finish early they’ll no doubt want to start Catching Fire.  (Yes, it’s true, I have an ARC.  He heh heh).  Then we would have to break off in the middle and wait another week, and we just can’t have that.

It’s been an entire day, and so far we haven’t heard a single word of complaint that we don’t have cable hooked up.  I don’t think the TV has even been turned on since we moved in.  FRH is 100% successful so far!

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