June 2, 2009 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 3 Comments

My reading went up 32% last month!

I just realized this.  This year I’ve read an average of 11,261 pages a month, yet suddenly, in May, I read 14,924!  What’s really strange about this is that I’ve spent all month planning and packing for my big move, and I read almost nothing the last two weekends.

What changed?  Well, I decided to read a bunch of short books, and wipe out as many things under 250 pages as I could find on my list.  Other than that, my number of YA books and graphic novels was the same as always.  Smaller proportion, actually, since I read so many more titles that month.

Why would reading short books allow me to read nearly a third more than normal?  I’m not entirely sure, as some of the short books were non-fiction, some were slow reads, and some had really dense type.  I also played a couple of audio books while I was packing, and if you’ve ever listened to one you know they take more than twice as long as just reading it yourself.  Same with reading aloud – that takes even longer!

Maybe my desire to finish two titles a day just gave me that little extra psychological push.  Maybe I just read a little longer each day than I normally would.  Maybe it’s the knowledge that I’m not quite on track to reach 500 this year (I’m currently 7 behind).  Or maybe it’s knowing that Swapna Krishna is over 7,000 pages ahead!



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  1. Ha! I’ve been reading like a madwoman this past month. But I’m not going to read more than a few books in July, so I have to get ahead while I can 🙂

    • I have you to thank for spurring me to read more than I ever have in my life! 🙂

  2. I’m really enjoying this reading race!

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