Daisy Chain 2

May 22, 2009 at 10:47 am | Posted in Daisy Chains | 2 Comments

Now that I’m thinking about daisy chains, I’m taking note of more of them in my reading.

The Crow Road -> Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas:  The first time I ever saw the beverage Irn-Bru mentioned was two weeks ago.  I assumed from the context that it was a whiskey or something.  I found out a week later, from the second book, that it’s actually a Scots brand of soda.  I guess I could have just Googled it.

The Willoughbys -> The Abstinence Teacher:  Both have major characters named Ruth.

The Pornography of Power -> Slouching Towards Bethlehem -> Acedia & MeThe P of P had a cover blurb by Joan Didion, who wrote STB, which was extensively quoted in A&M.  Incidentally, STB has been on my reading list for absolutely years, but I finally read it after having visited Alcatraz and Waikiki for the first time (this spring), both the subjects of essays in the book.  What are the chances?

Sloth -> Acedia & Me:  I read Sloth by Wendy Wasserman during the Read-a-Thon last month.  It was quoted extensively in A&M.

It would be really cool to draw out a sort of web linking all the connections between the different books I’ve read, but it would probably start to get pretty illegible after a while.


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  1. I really like this new feature on your blog.
    Here’s what I encountered this week:

    1. I finished Salt this week on Thursday. One section explains how Proscuttio (sp?) is made by feeding pigs whey. On Friday, this was a question at my university’s Trivia Night.

    2. I’m on an Algonquin Round Table kick right now. Two of the members were Heywood Broun and his wife, Ruth Hale. Their son, Heywood Hale Broun was extensively interviewed in a documentary about Dorothy Parker that I watched this week. Even better, I went to a book swap and found a copy of October Men, which is about the 1978 New York Yankees and the World Series. The book begins with a quote by Heywood Broun, who did a lot of sportswriting, which I didn’t realize.

  2. You could have asked me about Irn Bru, I was brought up on the stuff (which may explain a lot about the way my life is now) Seriously good stuff, a lovely metallic orange colour and excellent for coping with a hangover. I’m putting you off it now, aren’t I?

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