Daisy Chain 2

May 22, 2009 at 10:47 am | Posted in Daisy Chains | 2 Comments

Now that I’m thinking about daisy chains, I’m taking note of more of them in my reading.

The Crow Road -> Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas:  The first time I ever saw the beverage Irn-Bru mentioned was two weeks ago.  I assumed from the context that it was a whiskey or something.  I found out a week later, from the second book, that it’s actually a Scots brand of soda.  I guess I could have just Googled it.

The Willoughbys -> The Abstinence Teacher:  Both have major characters named Ruth.

The Pornography of Power -> Slouching Towards Bethlehem -> Acedia & MeThe P of P had a cover blurb by Joan Didion, who wrote STB, which was extensively quoted in A&M.  Incidentally, STB has been on my reading list for absolutely years, but I finally read it after having visited Alcatraz and Waikiki for the first time (this spring), both the subjects of essays in the book.  What are the chances?

Sloth -> Acedia & Me:  I read Sloth by Wendy Wasserman during the Read-a-Thon last month.  It was quoted extensively in A&M.

It would be really cool to draw out a sort of web linking all the connections between the different books I’ve read, but it would probably start to get pretty illegible after a while.

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