May 20, 2009 at 9:42 am | Posted in Book Blather | 4 Comments

Last night I went to my man Rocket Scientist’s house so we could work on some sewing projects.  He happened to mention that I’m filling up his DVR with all my back episodes of Desperate Housewives.  This is an issue because I’ve we’ve decided not to get cable in the new house, and he’ll have to give back the box when he moves out of his current place.

I don’t particularly watch TV.  I’ve never owned one and the loaner in my house doesn’t have television reception.  It’s more of a DVD player with a screen.  I used to follow DH and 24, because I had roommates and it was the social thing to do.  But then Trish and I started catching up from the first season of 24, so I skipped the current season.  And, well, all those DH episodes were available any time, right?

So what’s happened is that the DVR is nearly a third full with unwatched episodes dating back to December last year.

What?  I’m supposed to cut into my reading time or something?

I have a dilemma probably faced by few other Americans.  I’m working my way through a stack of books for hours every night, half-heartedly convincing myself that I’ll make more time for television some day.  Everybody knows I’m just fooling myself and I don’t watch nearly as much TV as I like to think I do.  Chances are I’ll never catch up on my To Be Viewed pile.



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  1. We have a similar dilemma at our house, but it’s more of an issue for my husband than for me. I definitely obsess more about TBR (both books and blog posts in Google Reader) than TBV, but he’s always talking about catching up on the stuff in the DVR.

  2. My DVR is full of Bones and Friends so I can relate. I do watch an episode of Friends at lunch each day (have yet to find another 30 minute show that I enjoy as much) but we record two a day so I’m always behind. The rest of the DVR is full of cartoons for my kid.

  3. I can relate! I have half a season’s worth of America’s Next Top Model on the DVR that I’ve slowly been getting through. I want to watch it but it just cuts into my precious reading time!

  4. I have a habit of buying the series when they’re dirt cheap on DVD and then maybe a few times a year I binge on a show. Right now my TiVo is half full because I’m saving all of the episodes of LOST until they come out on DVD. sigh.

    I love both my books and tv.

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