Books to Move

April 15, 2009 at 11:05 pm | Posted in Rude Poetry | 2 Comments

My rendition of Bust a Move, with apologies to Young MC:

This here’s a jam for all the nation

Tryin’a move to a new location

Don’t enjoy the elimination

Of books you read for recreation

Okay smarty, your shelves are shoddy

If they fell they’d never find your body

You bring books home, they seem interesting

Then they’re stacking up the wall like they was infesting

Your new function, time-card punchin’

Start that packing, til your back’s hunchin’

Better start soon while you have the chance

And you should just be glad, don’t have to ship to France

You know it’s shocking, what you’re stocking

Those books look at you like they’re mocking

Getting stacked too high and they don’t approve

So come on pack-rat you’ve got books to move


You’re on a mission and you’re wishin’

You never got into this condition

Lookin’ around and your whole place is

All filled up with tall bookcases

Some frustration first inclination

Is just to disappear and leave the situation

But every dark tunnel has a light of hope

So you’ll choose a shelf, you won’t sit there and mope

Your pace is slowing, just keep going

Could care less about the stuff you’re throwing

All of that work, all you’ve got to show

Is another apartment stacked up row by row

You want to bellow, can’t be mellow

Want to slam the door and say Hell No

You drive over there without a second to lose

And what comes next, more books to move


You want ’em, you brought ’em

You want ’em, baby you brought ’em

Got books to move


It’s not pretty, your eyes are gritty

You know you feel like Walter Mitty

You’d procrastinate for just one more day

You don’t even want to think what these boxes weigh

Your back’s achin’, you’re not fakin’

Start again the minute that you awaken

Got no mover here to pack your car

You just got to do it, so there you are

It’s just masochistic, solving the logistic

Getting all these books to fit’s not realistic

You’re filling up the boxes according to plan

But the trouble is, y’already filled up the van

You’ve got the dolly rollin’, feet are swollen,

Starting to wish that all your stuff got stolen

The house is stacked with crates to remove

You wish you had no books to move


Got books to move

Box ’em up for me fellas


So much to carry that your friends are wary

You’ll end this day, in the cemetery

You called to see if they could come lend a hand

They’ve been hauling books until they barely can stand

You buy pizza, and they all eat some

And roll out the door to get back their freedom

They want to leave just to change the setting

And that’s all the help that you’ll be getting

So you start thinking, these books are stinking

Been a long week and spirits are sinking

You’d better take a break or hurt your back

And it’ll take the whole year for you to get unpacked

Amazon’s selling, there’s no telling

Just how many books will ship from your dwelling

Now you’ve got a theory to disprove

Next time there won’t be all those books to move


No books to move

Move it boy

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