“Fear of Falling”

April 9, 2009 at 6:21 am | Posted in Economics, Nonfiction, Politics | 2 Comments

Can I just say that I love Barbara Ehrenreich?  Actually I’ve probably said that before.  It’s true, though.  She is my Mom Crush.

Fear of Falling was published nearly 20 years ago.  What’s especially interesting about this is that it still seems relevant.  The gap between rich and poor has only widened since that time, and the political currents are easily recognizable.  It seems unlikely that Fear of Falling will ever be outdated, and that’s coming from an historian (me) who should probably know better than to make statements like that.

I sought out the book hoping for something perhaps a little more self-help and a little less academic, but got more out of it than I’d bargained for.  My incipient marriage will mean a dramatic improvement in my personal fortunes, and I’m having some angst over it.  It sure would be nice to sit down with Ms. Ehrenreich over a pot of tea and discuss it.  If she’s out there, it’s my treat!

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