A Challenge?

April 6, 2009 at 4:51 pm | Posted in Challenges | 6 Comments

Ahh, it looks like we may finally be seeing some real action in the world of books.  S. Krishna and I have a tentative challenge to see who can read the most books this year.

Right now I’m 10 days ahead of where I was last year, in spite of going on vacation and bringing home a nasty virus.  Oh, and now I’ll be planning a wedding and setting up housekeeping!  Not that I’m trying to set the bar low or anything, just trying to make myself look unintimidating.

So should we have any rules for this thing?  Right now I track what I’ve read and the number of pages according to Amazon.com.  I post the average number of pages per day and pages per book.  Sometimes I read very short books, but they go into my average along with the very long books, so I figure it balances out.  I read about 45% nonfiction, with the rest fiction and the occasional graphic novel.  There’s a list of stuff I plan to read this year, though naturally I won’t be able to keep my hands off other stuff that comes my way.  About the only thing I don’t do is re-read things I’ve read in the past, though I would if my book group wanted to.

Anyway, there we have it.  I’m pretty much on track to meet last year’s record of 409 books.  I’d really like to hit 500 but I don’t think it will be possible.  Not until retirement, anyway.

So, what do you think?

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