Vacation Planning

March 18, 2009 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 8 Comments

I’m packing for my trip to Oahu next week, and I’ve hit a little snag.  Help me out here, huh?

My packing abilities are legendary, partly because I can cram things into a tiny suitcase like a clown car and partly because the reading material usually weighs about as much as everything else put together.


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  1. This made me laugh because whenever my husband and I travel I always put books in his suitcase as well as my own. 🙂 He will only pack 1 or 2 books and I always need to pack at least one for each day!!

  2. I know what you mean! I just figured out that last year I read about 2000 pages during my vacation to Cancun.

    Rocket Scientist and I are on the same book in a series, and last weekend we went on a trip where I finished the book I brought with me. It turned out the argument “It’s checked out on my library card” was not strong enough for him to relinquish his book. Hmph.

  3. Have a great vacation! They keep telling me the packing thing is the big advantage of Kindle, but I don’t know. I love packing the bare minimum of clothes and the maximum of books and magazines. It’s just more tangible that way, to me.

    Have fun–and when are you back? (She asks selfishly, as she can’t wait to hear your thoughts at the Book Menage.)

  4. I’m leaving on Tuesday, the day after the menage, so I’ll have to try to get as many comments in as I can on Monday!

    …Check that, it looks like we’re rescheduling. In that case, I’ll have to check in while I’m away and then again when I get back.

    I looked at the selection on Kindle and Sony Reader, and I couldn’t find any of the books I wanted to read. I’m just going to have to wait until the array of e-books improves.

  5. I know what you mean!
    Every time we go on a trip, I have to put books in every bag we have. I carry different sizes and different genres; what if I feel like a romance? Or a non-fiction? Or a classic? I need to cover all the basics!

  6. I would definitely bring several smaller books (preferably paperbacks) since they are lighter (but I would still stash a few in your family’s luggage) and you won’t have to lug a huge tome down to the beach everyday 🙂 I’m heading to NC next weekend from MI and we’re DRIVING. While most people would be like “UGH.” I’m kind of excited because I just get to read the whole way! I already have the lists of books I’m bringing.

  7. I’ve already packed, unpacked, and completely changed my list of books twice!

  8. Hey, just found your blog and I love it 🙂 Especially your songs. haha.

    Just wanted to say that I travel for work and am constantly having the same issue. Books weigh as much (or more!) as everything else put together, and then I am always tempted to buy more books. This trip I may have gotten too many and am thinking I might have to ship some home to myself!

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