“Harry Potter” vs. “Twilight”

January 7, 2009 at 6:00 pm | Posted in Book Blather, Children's Book, Fiction, Young Adult Fiction | 40 Comments

I feel compelled to do this comparison, though I just Googled the phrase “Harry Potter vs. Twilight” and got over 600,000 hits.  Yes, I’ve read all eleven books in both series, a total of 6,709 pages, so I feel equipped to judge.

Okay, first of all, according to reviews like this,* not only are these books not worth your time, but reading them has such a pernicious effect that it might even make you immune to the salutary benefits of Real Literature.  (Pronounced Litt-ra-tyuuure, don’t you know).  I think this is pure snobbery, a snobbery that has prevented untold numbers of people from approaching any sort of book with genuine interest out of fear that books make one socially feckless.  I have credentials, too:  I have a BA in history, I’m a Mensan, and I can read at least bits of six languages in five writing systems.  I read mostly nonfiction, though I have tackled – and understood, mind you – many of the greatest works of literature of every nation.  I know whereof I speak when I say that it is entirely possible to enjoy popular fiction, even popular children’s fiction, while retaining the capacity to appreciate Finer Things.  I also think we should accept that not everyone reads at the same level (not that we can possibly tell what that level is by observing someone read any one particular book), and it is wrong-headed to think that every person must aspire to Faulkner, Joyce, and Dostoyevsky.  Remember what happened to John Stuart Mill.  ‘Nuff said.

What do HP and Twilight have in common?  Obviously, they’re both tremendously popular series of thick fantasy novels.  Both involve teenagers with mystical powers, groups of friends, rainy weather, food, and high school.  Both have protagonists who prefer their fantasy existence to the mundane family life at home, attract the attention of supernatural adults, and are frequently injured.  Both were written by young mothers who had no inkling how popular their imaginary worlds would become.  Both succeed because they follow the guidelines for compelling series:  a large cast of easily distinguishable characters, detailed attention to setting, strong rivalries, lots of action, continuity, plot twists, and plenty of interior monologue.

Other than that, I think the books could hardly be more different.  We’ll start with the superficial and progress from there.

Harry Potter is an orphan who longs for family and becomes recognized for his unusual athletic powers.  He has a beloved pet who is a major character.  Bella Swan has both parents, though she can’t wait for the day when circumstances will prevent her from seeing them ever again, and she’s a colossal klutz.  She has no critters at her house.

Harry is a slob; Bella is tidy and does all the household chores.

Harry inherits all sorts of money, but his best friend is quite poor and he falls for a poor girl, too.  Bella comes from modest means, but hangs out with a wealthy family and falls for a rich man.  Harry is fascinated with shopping, though he does it rarely, while Bella claims to hate it but does it all the time.

Harry finds out he was born with magical powers.  Bella wants to die in order to develop magical powers.

J.K. Rowling kills off major characters.  Stephenie Meyer does not.

The adults in Harry’s world are powerful, wise, perceptive, and sometimes dangerous.  The adults in Bella’s world are clueless, immature, and largely irrelevant.  Harry is a child in a world of adults, forced to age quickly; Bella is the adult in her family, and longs to freeze herself as a teenager for eternity.

Faced with the choice between acceptance by an elite group or friendship with a more lowly group, Harry chooses the commoners.  Bella chooses the elites.

Harry’s world revolves around a battle between good and evil; he becomes more mature and responsible over time.  Bella’s world seems to revolve more around the predator/prey relationship and clan loyalties.  She aims for an eternity of hedonism.

In Rowling’s universe, the fear of death and desire for eternal life lead to ultimate evil.  In Meyer’s universe, the desire for eternal life is an almost unmitigated good, the ultimate fantasy.

Rowling raises the complexity of each book with the age of the characters and their audience.  Meyer writes to one age.

Rowling’s work addresses totalitarianism, diversity, integrity, and the inner battle of man’s dual nature.  Meyer’s work addresses passion, mortality, loyalty, and romance.

Ultimately, the Harry Potter series is a great set of children’s books, while the Twilight series is an absorbing set of romance novels.  It’s not such a simple thing to write books that children or teens will love and read enthusiastically; the same goes for popular fiction of all stripes.  It’s the old Wagnerian debate:  who decides what is great art, the artist or the audience?  If we insist that the artist decides, we’re in for a lot more esoterica, while if we insist that the audience decides, we’re in for a lot more pabulum.  Sometimes.  (At least both sides agree that the critics do not decide what is art).  I’m partial to Harry Potter because I think the stories teach some very strong ethical and even moral values, almost without the kids even noticing.  I hesitate to make similar claims for Twilight, though I still think reading anything at all is better than spending the same hours drooling in front of a television.  Reading escapist fiction is not inherently wrong!

*Bloom is wrong about his claims in the seventh paragraph; if he’d read a bit further he would have found out why Harry was placed with a Muggle family – a detail intrinsic to the larger plan of the saga.  I also take issue with his belief in the third paragraph that he’s read the best of the series.  Most readers seem to agree with me that each book in the series was better than the one before.  Ah, who cares about his opinion, anyway?


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  1. Thanks for writing this! I appreciate the thoughtfulness in your comparison. It actually might encourage me to start reading Harry Potter at some point – although since I’m also a completist with many books already in my TBR pile, I’ve hesitated to start the series.

    • I actually might consider reading Twilight just to see the hype about the storyline.

  2. I agree that escapism isn’t wrong, I escape when I can and in my own ways. I do take issue with those that would add Harry Potter to a list including Lewis, Grahame and Carroll but don’t think there is anything wrong with reading them. There are just better things out there to read.

    • I am a 15 year old girl but please do not judge me by my age as I have been brought up reading and loving fabulous literature (not just Austen! – Wild Swans, Dr Zhivago etc.) and I think that often people think books such as Harry Potter cannot be compared to the “great children’s literature” just because they are modern and have not lasted for generations yet. That is the crux – the “yet” – because I think Harry Potter will last. And in response to the debate HP vs. Twilight there is no comparison – Harry Potter teaches true values and does not just gratify the vanity we all want to be beautiful, powerful, rich and loved by someone equally “perfect”.

      Thank you for the discussion – it is very useful as I am using this for my GCSE English Oral!

  3. >In Meyer’s universe, the desire for eternal life is an almost unmitigated good, the ultimate fantasy.

    This is why I quit reading Meyer after the first book–I could see where things were headed and couldn’t justify the ultimate waste of time in a series that promoted the wrong answers to life, the universe, everything. . .

    A.S. Byatt diminished herself a few years back by bashing Harry Potter as well. It’s been awhile since I read her rant, but I remember it being even more over the top than Bloom’s.

  4. I never thought of comparing Harry Potter to Twilight. But then, I haven’t read any of the Twilight books, though I’ve heard enough of them to find this post very intersting.

    • Yeah, because comparing Harry Potter to Twilight is a horrible comparison. A better one would be, say, Twilight compared to The Cat in the Hat. Besides, there are so many things wrong with Twilight, I’ve been deconstructing the book and it is awful.

  5. The thing about the Harry Potter series is that it was written for children. So it includes things that adults think are dumb, like booger jokes, fantasy toys, and gross-out candy, but that children absolutely love. What elevates Harry Potter over most other children’s books is that the characters have more dimensions and face more adult situations. For instance, having worked for the government, I found the Ministry of Magic only too real, and far scarier than, say, the witch’s candy house in “Hansel and Gretel.” The other great thing about Harry Potter is that only at the end of the seventh book does the grand plan of the entire epic become completely clear. The thousands of pages of story were exquisitely planned – something I’m not at all certain other renowned children’s book authors could have pulled off.

    Sure, there are better things to read than the Harry Potter series – for adults, certainly. Maybe we’d all be better off if we spent our time reading the “Principia Mathematica.” But I do think HP is among the very best of contemporary children’s literature, that the series is truly great and will have staying power, and that children enjoy it for good reasons.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  6. Harry Potter is DEFINITELY better than Twilight. Here’s only a few reasons why:

    Firstly, Twilight has no point at all whatsoever. Harry Potter has many different points to it. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Harry Potter is about more than witches and wizards and magic. It’s about growing up. Harry grows up and you can see him growing up throughout the series. It also shows that love is much more powerful than hate. It also shows about friends, how you should be loyal to your friends.

    The main character of Twilight, Bella, is a HORRIBLE character. She is boring. She has no life. She just sits around and complains. She is unbelievably shallow. She basically ignores her friends. She just sits around and waits for everyone else to come save her. Harry actually has a life, for example, he plays Quidditch. He actually hangs out with his friends. He is also interesting. He’s a little mischievous and a little naughty but he’s still an unbelievably good person.

    I feel like in Twilight, Stephenie is almost afraid to kill her chararcters. J.K. Rowling actually does kill her characters which adds conflict and tension and makes the series even better.

    With Twilight, the second and third books have almost nothing to do with the last one. What is important in those two books? Jacob becomes a werewolf. I’d say that’s just about it. Each of the Harry Potter books is vital to the series. Each one hold little hints and clues to the last book.

    Also, though Twilight can be read and enjoyed by anyone, it was written for tween and teen girls. That’s only too clear. Harry Potter is written for everyone of all ages, boys and girls, from little 7 year old kids to 102 year old senior citizens.

    Harry Potter’s characters are much more interesting. Twilight, though the characters are distinctive, only a few are interesting. Everyone thinks of Alice as quirky, but really, if you think about it she’s really not. I know so many people similar to Alice you can’t say she’s quirky.

    Stephenie did have a group of characters in the second book who I thought were extremely interesting, but she barely spent any time on them, which was a HUGE loss for her: The Volturi. They SAVED New Moon. They were amazing characters, all interesting. Probably almost as interesting as some of the Harry Potter characters (but not quite). The Volturi do have problems, though. First, Jane and Alec are too old. They are, like, 14 in the books. Many people miss the point of the two of them. They are supposed to be angelic, innocent, young and harmless looking. Extremely deceitful. As the people who have read The Host know, Stephenie doesn’t see the difference in actions of a 14 year old and of a 9 year old. In Harry Potter, all the villains fit perfectly how they are.

    Harry Potter is so much more imaginative than Twilight. Twilight probably took A LOT of ideas from Interview with the Vampire (another amazing book, I suggest it to all of you). Harry Potter is 100% J.K. Rowling. Also, Harry Potter has endless things to think about, so many unbelievably creative aspects, while with Twilight, you think about a hot guy, vampires and werewolves. That’s it. Twilight is something that loads of people could have easily written. With Harry Potter, you KNOW that J.K. Rowling is a true genius.

    Twilight is unbelievably predictable. You know everything that’s going to happen. No surprises. Harry Potter is something where who knows what’s going to happen next?

    I could go on and on and on, but this all goes to show that THERE IS NO COMPARISON. HARRY POTTER IS BETTER THAN TWILIGHT BY SO MUCH. HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY!!

    Oh, and one more thing. Just so you know, Twilight won’t last long. It’ll be like one of those things where everyone is COMPLETELY obsessed with it for a year or two, then it’ll be forgotten. Harry Potter will be loved by everyone always, it is timeless, a classic.

  7. Why do people think Twilight is deep? It’s basically a girl and a guy lusting after each other. It’s not love. It’s just lust. The whole vampire part is just a bonus.

  8. I disagree with Rose’s verdict of Harry Potter and twilight. I understand everyone has there own opions however this is why i’m going to make mine.

    Twilight is a great book, and Harry Potter is also I must admit. I have never read it, and have seen the movies, however i’m not going to argue, i’d just like to make the point of “Just so you know, Twilight won’t last long. It’ll be like one those things where everyone is COMPLETELY obsessed with it for a year or two, then it’ll be forgotten.” I do not think that this will happen, it may happen for you and some others that live around your district, however, twilight is apparently going to have all the books made into the movies, so that would take a few years, already that has passed your “year or two” because everyone would be craving the next movie.

    I don’t know why people are comparing these two books and movies, they are both great and there is enough room in this world for both of them, so I think that none of them have to be “top”, that’s just pathetic, I think that if some people want to love Harry Potter, then they can go and do that happily, however if some people love twilight, then they can do that too.
    If some people like both, then that is fair enough.

  9. If anyone’s curious, this silly “Harry Potter vs. Twilight” post is the most popular thing I’ve ever posted on my blog. I have no idea why, but several people a day do searches on it. I wrote it one day and haven’t given it much thought since.

    • hahaha of course it is! im thinking of starting a blog about this too…but of course ill only want respectable answers. i think that my school should do a debate on this, i could prove all the twilight obsessed girls wrong.


    • duuuuhhhhh!!!! so what i u you wont sleep because you read H.P books??? lot of people do that, I even do that in harry potter but that doesn’t mean I’m an avid fan! ! harry potter really sucks and totally boring… You cant even understand what “muggles” mean… and FYI, Twilight does have twists and turns and it was made in its own special way..its about everlasting love and passion… pity you people dont even know that..

      • what twists and turns are there? I certainly don’t see any. Oooh, Jacob is a werewolf. Oh no, now Bella loves Jacob. Oh, what a surprise, she chose Edward. Oh wait, her vampire husband who has no bodily fluid and therefore cannot possibly have semen knocked her up. Oh my god, will the little half-vampire baby actually kill Bella? Nope, guess not. Holy crap, Jacob has fallen into creepy pedophile love with the 4-day-old baby. Phew, Bella didn’t attack him when Jacob told her about it. Oops, never mind, she attacks him instead when she finds out he nicknamed her daughter ‘Nessie’ (I’m sorry, but is it just me, or is there something wrong with that?). Oooh, now the Volturi is coming after the Cullens – *big anti-climatic part* – yay, no one died! *Big cheesey, unrealistic ending*
        yep, that’s full of twists and turns, alright.
        I’m sorry, but if you really did read Harry Potter, then it is quite clear what muggles are: people who aren’t wizards.
        Twilight has one plot throughout the entire series: Bella and Edward are together, something happens to jeopardize their relationship and/or one of their lives, Edward saves the day, then theres a big happy ending.
        ‘Tis not so with Harry Potter. There are many plots that are interwoven in the series. I couldn’t possibly list them all here because there are so many. The books aren’t age specific like Twilight, but can be enjoyed by not only all ages but both genders as well.

        And yes, I have read both of the series in it’s entirety (and lost around 80 IQ points by the time i finished Breaking Dawn), so yes, my views are valid.

      • you’re obviously a muggle

  11. lol rose summed it up. twighlights only REAL appeal is to the teen lover or luster. Harry Potter books are all immaculately crafted to perfection. sure, they may have little rhetorical scheme/style and all that other complicated equivocal crap that “TRUE” writes incorporate, but she wrote this to be ENJOYED. not ANALYZED and CRITICIZED for its lack of literary sophistication. Few writers could weave such a beautiful tapestry of a story as JKR did with HARRY POTTER!!! so i say HEAR HEAR to rose and all HP fans. LONG LIVE HARRY!!!! its just too bad that the movies lack so much of the books originality and attractiveness..

  12. I can agree with you fully on this arguement. Harry Potter is a tale with so little predictability, that it left me stunned the first time i had read the series. When characters die in HP, I felt like I had lost a very dear friend. When I finally understood every little detail, and every twist, I was heartbroken that I was done with it. For instance, when I found out Snape had been a good person(well, sorta) all along, I cryed my eyes out, because everyone had given him such terrible judgement.
    I, also, read Twilight, but gave up after I finished the first installment. I was only reading it because my friends and aunt had suggested it to me, and I was curious why it was so popular. But when I finished it, I did not at all feel the sense of self gratification I felt when I finished Harry Potter.
    I felt more attached to Harry Potter for many, many, many others reasons, but that could take all day to describe, so I’ll spare you and finish here. I truly can see why so many people love Harry Potter, but I just don’t understand teen’s obsessions with Twilight, and I am 13 years old myself. And if you noticed, teenager girls who love Harry Potter tend to have better grammer and are generally smarter and more deep. (look at my spelling and grammer)
    The Harry Potter series will hopefully be “The Series Who Lived”

    • I totally agree with you that the Harry Potter series will continue to be around in the future. However I think you were a little harsh on Twilight. Yes, the writing is horrible, but the story is what people love. It’s more about relationships than anything else and I don’t think it’s fair of you to judge it based on the fact that you have only read the first book. Don’t get me wrong, when the book first came out, I was the last person who wanted to read it. I did not want to be like “those girls.” However, after I saw the movie, I just couldn’t resist, and the movie does not give the book justice. Also, I think that Twilight is for every type of girl, not just the stupid ones. If you can look past the writing, it might suprise you. Finally, everyone is so upset that Twilight doesn’t have any of the main characters die in it, but I think we all need a happy story to read sometimes. We get enough of the sad, perfectily written books in school!

      • If you’d read my entire post, you would see that I have indeed read all four volumes of the Twilight series. I have also read Stephenie Meyer’s other book, The Host. I don’t think the Twilight series is particularly bad, I just don’t think it’s as good as the Harry Potter series. Regardless, I’m in favor of people reading, I’m glad that young people love the Twilight books so much, and I hope it leads them to seek out other, perhaps more sophisticated, reading material.

      • Jessica,thank you very much for the reply. I actually wasn’t talking about your post though, but the one made by “harry potter definitely.” Sorry about the mix up, I am new to blogging… And I have not read The Host yet and want to thank you for the recommendation. Plus, I just saw Harry Potter 6 last night and it was wonderful!

  13. I agree with this blog through and through.
    It is one of the better ones I have read, Becuase it examines both sides in an almost non bias way.

    Jessica Coleman? I do not believe Harry Potter was written for children. Toward the end of the series it is so dark and with such adult concerns that I would not think of it as written for children.

    Twilight is chick lit, romantic dribble that is admittedly enjoyable, although not well written, and not something that should be compared to HP.

    Harry Potter is such an excellent metaphor for reality, and brings up some moral and social issues that relate to real life.

    I thought i was going nutz, everyone is so obsessed with twilight. i personaly find Twilight to be pointless and shallow. Harry Potter on the other hand i will ALWAYS LOVE! the fith Harry Potter novel was the first novel i ever read from front to back. i could never get into reading as a little kid, i got bored and usually had trouble with it. but then i got the fith Harry Potter book for christmas and couldn’t put it down, My mom though i had been ubducted by aliens and replaced by someone else. i then read the rest of the series, and it lead me to become an avid reader. i read tons of books now and the majority of them are better than twilight, sorry to the obsessed Twilight fans, just my opinion.
    To me there is just no way Twilight should even be considered nearly as good as Harry potter.
    Twilight might be good (key word being might), if the characters were beliveable, relateable, or interesting. I’ve read all of the Twilight saga, and honestly Jacob is the most beliveable of all the character, though why he like Bella i will never understand. im not saying he was a well made character, just the best in the story. Most of the book made me think of a big group of verry selfish, depressed, irrational teenagers.
    I’m a 16 year old girl and i am NOT ubsessed with Twilight!!!


  16. I think Twilight rules. Because who believe in magic anymore. But you still can believe in love

    • Don’t shape-shifters and vampires count as magic?

      • sasha, I totally agree with you! twilght’s never ending love and passion is the main reason why this book rules!
        and as far as shape-shifters and vampires are concerned, they’re just bonuses, Twilight is not about the mythical creatures but what these creatures will do to achieve true love! And here I thought H.P is not about wizards!!

    • The point is not if you believe in magic, but to take a fantasy setting and give it a realistic plot. Rowling does this beautifully – Meyer, however, does not.

      And, as Jessica Coleman said, don’t shape-shifters count as magic?
      Also, Harry Potter is filled with love – love is the reason Harry survived the killing curse as a baby, why Voldemort still couldn’t kill him later on, and why the series ended the way it did (I’m not going to spoil the ending for those who haven’t read the last book).

  17. ohh my god!!!! you are all crazy !how can you compare twilight with Harry potter!!! are we in kidded garden!!! I’ve read both books and I have to say there is no comparing ok. Some dumb teenage girls are screaming twilight twilight and the other half is screaming Harry Harry… but if you actually have a little brain you’ll se that the except the fact that Edward is a vampire (the fantasy part ) they have nothing in common . Twilight is a story about love about “true love», and the fact that Edward is a vampire is just a Metaphor , its a metaphor about eternal love , his hole family is a metaphor about differed kinds of love between people it’s a very beautiful story but the fantasy is just very very poor total cliché and nothing original and unseen… the book is great i am a big fan and the movies are so good (so don’t hate)!and Harry potter is a totally different story is all about fantasy, new world, jk made a revolution in literature… Harry potter can be compared with ” lord of the rings” but not with twilight … i don’t understand why you have to make your life so miserable fighting about stupid stuff !ohh and one advise – all those people who totally hate Harry potter or twilight haven’t ever read the book – You can’t judge something is you don’t know it ok so I don’t accept comments that sound like that ” I think Twilight / Harry is better because Edward is hot or twilight is for little girls have no boyfriend… all you twi-hards read Harry potter before judging and all you Harry fans read twilight!!!!
    sorry for my bad english 😀

  18. I have read both Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga more than once. So I understand where both parties are coming from. First off, I would like to personally thank J.K. Rowling. She is the sole reason for my passion for reading. Harry Potter was and always will be the fist book that I ever really read. It was magical in a way that isn’t with a wand. It taught me so much on family, friendship, and fear that everyone has. It is timeless story of hero vs. villan but in a kid friendly atmosphere. Although I am not saying that this is just a children’s book. Now I am 16 and feel that I could be 85 and still relate to Harry. I also love how she killed off characters that although at the time I was a crying mess, I understood why it had to be done.
    Now on to the Twilight Saga. I will say I was a bit hesitant when my mom’s friend said to check out this book. I bought it with a few others and was aprehensive to open it so once I did I couldn’t put it down! I will say for the first book i was swept off into the romantic world of Edward Cullen. I wanted an Edward for myself. Then I read New Moon and Eclipse and while totally not as good as the first, were equally appealing. Then I waited for Breaking Dawn in almost the same nature as all the Harry Potter books I had wanted oh so badly. Then I read the book unlike the other three,this book took me the longest to read which was about a week and a half. Needless to say I was utterly disappointed! Meyer couldn’t kill off anyone!! Then I got angry when all the crazed Twilight fans started to say it was better than my Harry Potter… I understand the whole romance thing but come on girls! The book was crap. And I understand that Meyer loved all of her characters, but killing a few off would have been a good finality to a series. Also, it felt that she was putting too many plots into one book it didn’t work. Back to the first blog i read, she said something about what we learned and/or took away from the books. I took away from Twilight that in order to get what you want compromise is key. But I also perceived that Bella got her way for everything. The whole point of Edward making such a big deal out of not turning her into a vampire was because she had to give up so much. She didn’t give up anything. She even got to be a mom and that was never her desire.
    As for the bloggers I guess thats what we are called, that have said that these two stories are incomparable, they are wrong. They are alike as in how both are a story of someone’s life, both are fiction, and both took the “world” by storm. Also, I see Bella’s “life” as unrealatable I mean come on she fell in love with a vampire and met some pretty supernatural beings.
    Hence, this is why I think that Harry Potter is the better written book. *Just so everyone understands, this is MY opinion so feel free to disagree just make sure to back your argument up with some solid facts.*

  19. Nice article! I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan but recently decided to give Twilight a try…

    • nothing wrong with that

  20. i have also read both the books and AGREE THAT HARRY POTTER IS MUCH BETTER WRITTEN THAN TWILIGHT.Though i also agree that both are very good books and are totally different from each other. People should accept that both are very good books for teenagers and stop fighting stupid fights with each other.

  21. I have read both books and think that Harry Potter is much better than twilight.
    When I first read twilight I really liked it. But then after a few days I got over it totally.
    Harry Potter has got a lot of things Twilight hasn’t…Harry actually sticks to his friends and does everything he can to save them…he is loyal and has principles. Bella, on the other hand, is obsessed with Edward and cares little about anything else..she abandons her friends and family, she is selfish about keeping Jacob as a friend and she is totally dependent on Edward…kind of pathetic…
    However, I think people should give some credit to Meyer because whatever we say, she did manage to impress a LOT of people…
    However I can’t really stop myself from saying this:
    Harry Potter is way better. Deal with it.

  22. Who is the author of this blog because I would really love to do a rhetorical analysis of it for my English class

    • Contact me if you’re still interested. gal.friday at yahoo dot com.

  23. I also have read both series… many times and love them both. I grew up with the HP series whereas I wasn’t aware of the twilight series until the first movie which i do regret.
    The first Harry Potter books can be considered novels for children. However as the plot develops they can hardly be considered merely children’s novel, but when they are looked into and fully understood there are in depth themes that run throughout the novel that are more directed to a younger reader and adult audience. There is themes of love, lose, death, compassion, sexuality.
    Whereas Twilight is about passion and love and forever committing yourself to one person for the rest of ones life. However some people never experience the above themes. Which therefore could make HP a more relating series a person can relate themselves too.
    I am not saying that I do not enjoy twilight because I really enjoy reading then novels, however when it comes down to it the Harry Potter series have themes which can be related too.
    When it comes down to it, these books are different in comparison. The books are both amazing respectively. However I believe that what really is being compared is the movies and how much of a fan base they have. In the end, the books are always better than the movie and should be baed on their true merits. I appreciate both series and have made my passion for reading so much strong.

  24. Kudos dude well put I wish more reviewers were like this. I know I have never read any of the Twilight books so I can’t say what I think except for what I’ve observed through other people.

  25. Harry Potter is far more than Twilight. Come on! Everyone knows. Let’s say, the whole twilight thing (Bella & Edward love each other..so so) is just a supporting stuff of Harry and Ginny’s love story. Plus the cute team up of Hermione and Ronald. And you know, the lovestory isn’t the reason of its success, a side dish perhaps? Hahaha. No offense meant, but in twilight, it is.

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