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New Year’s Eve is my favorite day of the year.  I always make a big production out of it.  First I run around cleaning house and trying to finish up all those little household projects that need doing, for instance putting up my new bird feeder.  Then I get out last year’s journal and go over my goals.  I sit down and grade myself on the year, and then I plan the next year’s goals and resolutions.  On New Year’s Day I try to do whatever I can to get off on the right foot.  Probably not as interesting as going to some fabulous party, but hey, I’d rather stay home.

Facing facts isn’t always fun.  I realized I had never made “Read 366 books” an official resolution!  While I made that (nonexistent) goal with 9% to spare, in the process, I blew every single other resolution I made.  I wanted to lose 10 pounds, and instead I gained 8, half of that between Halloween and Christmas.  I didn’t complete so much as a single chapter of the book I planned to write, either.  It turns out that sitting around reading a big pile of books has its drawbacks.

So I did what had to be done:  I did not finish a book on January 1.  I spent the time doing some financial planning instead.

You know what?  Reading is just so much more interesting than doing everything else.  I feel like I really should read less, but I don’t want to cut back, especially not when I’ve finally realized how much I’m capable of doing.  I’m torn.  But I think I’ve found a way around the problem.  I’ve resolved to walk at least 1000 miles this year – not too hard, since according to my new pedometer I already walk roughly 3 miles a day – and I’ll start listening to more audiobooks so I can spend more time cooking and working on sewing projects.

Of course I plan to do some challenges this year, and as I run across them I’ll post them.  It’s just that I’ll be doing some of them on the treadmill.


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