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December 11, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Everybody has a tradition.  Rocket Scientist and I take turns reading aloud when we go on road trips.  It’s worked out really well so far – we’ve had good luck choosing books we’ve both enjoyed, and we’ve had some amazing discussions.  It’s a sure-fire way to avoid radio static or compromise over music one of us might like more than the other.

This weekend, we’re going on another trip, only this time Sweetie Junior is coming too.  It turns out to be much more challenging to choose a book that will prove equally interesting to a) me, b) a 40-year-old engineer, and c) a 14-year-old girl.  Naturally it also has to have age-appropriate subject matter and vocabulary.  I guess I should just be glad we don’t also have a toddler or a grandma riding along!  (We do have Noelie, but she thinks every book is about her anyway).

We tried to read part of The Know-It-All on a short trip last year, but it seemed like every fourth entry had some sex-related material.  I wouldn’t realize I needed to skip over until I’d already read part of the sentence.  Awkward!  Nota bene:  Do not read sex-related material aloud to a 12-year-old and her dad.

The trip promises to be at least 8 hours each way, depending on how foggy and/or wet it is on the coastal section of Highway 101.  Depending on what we choose, we should definitely be able to get through one book, and possibly a second.  Having three readers take turns means we can pretty much keep reading non-stop.

My rule of thumb is always to bring at least one extra book, in case something suddenly seems less interesting during the trip.  This is one reason to prefer driving to flying – there’s virtually always somewhere available in the truck to cram one more book.

Here is our list for this weekend:

The Outsiders – S. E. Hinton

The Pox Party (Octavian Nothing) – M. T. Anderson

The Areas of My Expertise – John Hodgman

One Red Paperclip – Kyle Macdonald

I’m probably more curious to find out what will get voted in than you are.  We’ll find out tonight.  I’ll most likely be afk until Monday, so have a good one!



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  1. The only one I know on your list is The Outsiders. Great book! My parents read aloud in the car to each other, but they didn’t do this when we were kids. That I remember.

  2. I don’t think reading aloud would be terribly successful on any of our family road trips.
    My husband reads only the portions he thinks his listeners will find interesting, my older son mumbles as he reads aloud, and my younger son forgets anyone else is listening and begins reading silently to himself.

    What fun it must be in a family where it works well.
    Have a wonderful trip.

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