November 6, 2008 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Memoir, Nonfiction | 2 Comments

Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir is laugh-out-loud funny.  I knew I had to read it as soon as I saw the cover photo of the author, Jennette Fulda, fitting into one leg of her old pants.  She lost over 200 pounds, which is an impressive accomplishment.  Unlike other weight-loss memoirs I have read, she tells her story without so much as a shred of self-pity.  She has some unconventional thoughts to share about the weight-loss industry, too.  Mostly, though, she tells her story with a great deal of humor.  I hope she goes on to write more.

If you met me, you might wonder why I would read a book like this.  I’ve maintained my own 20-pound weight loss for two years, since before I started my current job and met many of my friends.  They have trouble believing I ever had a weight issue.  I didn’t realize it myself, until one day I ran down the stairs and my back jiggled.  I have the amazing capacity to gain a pound a day (and I do, whenever I go on vacation or visit my family) and then keep it on.  So I read weight-loss books from time to time as motivation.

The truly funny thing about losing weight is that people always want to know how you did it, and when you tell them, they instantly lose interest and don’t want to try it.  It seems like people want to hear about the new all-cranberry diet or how you trained for a triathlon to raise money to pay for someone’s surgery or something.  All I did was join Curves and eat out no more than two meals a week.  Then I switched to walking on a treadmill.  Once I’d burned off my college habit of Pepsi- and Pringles-fueled all night study sessions, my eating habits were good enough that I haven’t gotten into trouble.  I walk or ride my bike a couple miles a day, and that’s it.  That, and read the works of authors like Fulda, who’ve done more than I ever have and lived to laugh about it.

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