At the Library

October 27, 2008 at 4:33 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 3 Comments

Rocket Scientist and I went to San Francisco on Saturday, ostensibly to spend the day together.  But we both knew that one of the main reasons we were there was so I could go to the library.  This is why he’s the best guy ever.

We spent four hours walking around Pier 39, going to the wax museum, and enjoying the fine weather.  I had prepared ahead of time with a series of maps marked with different restaurants and places we could check out.  So we set out to find the library.  As it turned out, though (and as soon as you hear the phrase ‘Google map’ you should know what’s coming), the location was marked a little over a mile from where it actually is.  We found ourselves across town with only an hour before closing.  At last we made it to the correct building, with only 20 minutes to spare.

We entered the building, and I was unprepared for just how huge it is inside.  The squat proportions of the building itself make it look smaller than its actual six stories.  The books extended as far as the eye could see.  I admit that I teared up.  It was obvious I was on a mission, because five minutes later I had a new library card in my hand and we were already in the elevator on the way to the third floor.  In the next ten minutes, I was able to rush about and track down six books off my list.  We made it out the door on the stroke of six.

Going to a large urban library is a big deal if you’ve ever had access to one and then haven’t for an extended period.  It can be truly frustrating to keep looking for books that just aren’t there, or to wander down the three skimpy aisles and see that you’ve read half the interesting books already.  There is nothing like walking into a truly enormous library and knowing that, no matter what, there is no way you could run out of things to read there.

Now I’m all set!  Because I’ve checked books out, I “have” to go back within the next three weeks.  I’m looking forward to expanding my reading list and getting up to all sorts of hijinx.

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