The Read-a-Thon

October 20, 2008 at 4:33 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 2 Comments

Well, that’s over.  Now I know what happens when one tries to read for 24 hours straight.  It’s much like a regular marathon, only without the sweating, the blisters, the Gatorade, or the vomiting from exertion.  (Or so I’ve heard – the only time you’ll see me running is if a starving wolf is after me).  In fact, if you count all the years since I learned to read back in 1980, I’ve probably trained longer and for more hours than any athlete on the roads today!

I expected that my eyes would dry out, but they didn’t.  I expected to be tired, but I didn’t expect that I would be tired almost the entire time.  I expected I would read about 6 books, and I got through 8.  I expected my streaming video to work, but apparently the site never found my camera.  To think, I could have sat there in my pajamas all day and nobody would have known!

When I came to bed at 5:20 AM, Rocket Scientist immediately woke up and said, “Congratulations.”  I told him how much I’d read, and he said, “You’re crazy.”  He came in at 9:30 with pancakes, which was both nice and not nice, considering how tired I was.  I thanked him for hosting me and putting up with my bizarre proclivities.  He said, “Actually the only difference from last weekend was that you didn’t come to bed!”  Hmph.  What a joker.

RS has been an athlete since the tender age of 4, so he understands my fixation on my goal of reading 400 books this year.  He did ask, though, “You’re not doing this again next year, are you?”  Oddly, he was referring to the daily stuff, not the marathon.  I guess doing something once or twice a year really doesn’t make as much of an impact.

I would do the read-a-thon again in a heartbeat.  I really had fun, and in fact it was something of a fantasy of mine to see if it really is possible to read constantly.  Next time, now that I have an idea of how many pages I can read in 24 hours, I think I would pick one truly enormous book and try to read the whole thing.

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