Contemplating the 24-Hour Read-a-Thon

September 29, 2008 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 3 Comments

On Friday I heard about the 24-hour Read-a-Thon for the first time.  Naturally my heart raced a bit.  I do 4-hour versions of this most days of the week, and I’ve gone 12 to 16 hours on weekends several times.  The only fear I have of trying a 24-hour stretch is that I have to start at 5 AM.  Now that’s just pure sadism, if you ask me.  But it wouldn’t be an impressive feat if it were easy, would it?

I broached the topic with my man Rocket Scientist.  He balked immediately because we’d discussed other plans for that weekend, and as usual, I hadn’t written it down.  But it turns out Sweetie Junior has a soccer tournament that weekend, so we wouldn’t have been able to leave town anyway.  This is fantastic news, because I don’t have internet at my new house, so I had to ask RS to sponsor me.  I told him I was so excited that I was already planning what to put in my bag of sandwiches and snacks, since I won’t be stopping to cook.  He said he would be there so he could cook for me.  Gawrsh… Of course his main supportive role will be dragging me by my ankle out of the bed and spraying me with the hose so I can actually be awake enough to participate two hours before sunrise.

The biggest question, the one that remains to be answered before I sign up, is:  What do I read?  I’m in a tizz over this.  Do I try to read a really big book that I’ve been putting off?  Do I choose a stack of specific titles?  Or do I just throw everything that looks remotely interesting that day into a laundry basket, cover my eyes, and pull them out at random?  The complicating factor is that my reading list is largely determined by the lottery of what has turned up at the top of my list of library holds, my Paperspine queue, and my BookSwim pool.  Today it’s pretty hard to guess what I’ll have on hand 2-3 weeks from now.  What I’ll probably do is post a list of likely candidates the week before the event.

Now, what would really be a good idea would be a 24-hour Procrast-a-Thon, to burn through all those projects that we all have piling up around the joint.  Maybe I’ll promote something like that in January.  (And maybe I’ll finally read The Grapes of Wrath).



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  1. I like to contemplate the readathon, too.

  2. What I found during the last one was that big books were better to be done at the beginning of the read-a-thon while somewhat shorter and “lighter” books were better for the end of the read-a-thon. Not sure if I’ll do it this time or not. I had a fabulous time last time, though.

  3. Oh, oh, oh, are you guys going to read too? 😀

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