Can It Be Done?

September 26, 2008 at 3:47 pm | Posted in Book Blather | 4 Comments

If you’re following my story, it may have caught your attention that I’m trying to read a book a day this year.  Along the way it occurred to me that I was ahead of schedule and might be able to break 400.  Right now I have 97 days left to read 112 books.  Keep in mind that we’re getting close to the holidays, with all that family travel, shopping, and frantic last-minute knitting.

Can it be done?

So far my average is 1.08 books per day.  By that measure, I won’t quite make it.  On the other hand, to make my goal I’d have to read a book a day plus an additional 15.  It’s relatively easy for me to read extra books on the weekend – I often do five between Friday and Sunday – and there happen to be 14 weekends left in the year, plus four paid holidays.

The other question is, should I post about every book I read, or only the ones I find noteworthy?  Are you readers out there more interested in learning about the books themselves, or about the experience of cramming so many pages into one’s brain?



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  1. If anyone can, you can. Screw the holidays!

  2. I started reading your blog because of the impending feat, but I stayed because of the reviews. I’m in now, no matter which books you post about.

  3. WOW…you’ve set the bar high but I have faith that you can do for it. Wishing you luck and sending up a prayer for you! YGG!

  4. Thanks, you guys!

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