Forgotten Classics: “The City, Not Long After”

September 8, 2008 at 4:56 pm | Posted in Fantasy, Fiction, Forgotten Classics | 2 Comments

The City, Not Long After is a fantasy novel from 1989.  I have arbitrarily decided that 1990 is my cutoff point for Forgotten Classics.  This isn’t because I don’t think any surefire classics have been written after that point – on the contrary – but rather that not enough time has passed for them to become “forgotten.”  Presumably my readers are all old enough to have been reading continually since 1990, and are thus less likely to have missed anything good.


Pat Barker’s City exists in a future which is equal parts utopia and dystopia.  The future San Francisco is (sparsely) populated by artists.  This idiosyncratic society is then attacked by aggressive outsiders.  What happens next makes this book an idealistic fable, but one that will stick in your memory.



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  1. I sigh happily when you post your forgotten classic blog entries.

    *sigh* (-:

  2. Oh good! I was wondering if anyone actually read these posts. 🙂

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