“The Time Traveler’s Wife”

September 2, 2008 at 9:38 pm | Posted in Audio Treat, Fiction | 3 Comments

I hardly know where to begin with Audrey Niffenegger’s incredible The Time Traveler’s Wife.  Since it was published in 2004, you probably already beat me to it.  I just have to gush about it anyway.

First, I listened to it on audio.  If you do audio, too, you know that it’s a greater time investment than reading; sometimes it’s disappointing, and sometimes the narration adds a great deal to the experience.  In this case I would definitely recommend the audio book as the latter case.  The dual narrators are just tremendous.

Okay, about the book.  It was so good I couldn’t bear to finish it right away.  I actually dragged it out over a couple of months.  Despite its size, I am pretty sure I’ll read it again at some point, and I almost never do this with a book.  Like Outlander, it’s a romance with time travel, compelling characters, and a certain amount of blood, guts, and heartbreak, but other than that their only similarity is how hard they are to put down.  I loved it even though it was a romance and even though it was an international bestseller.

Niffenegger also wrote The Three Incestuous Sisters, a really unusual illustrated book, and another one that I haven’t seen yet.  She’s got another full length novel in the works; maybe we’ll see something soon.  And if so, don’t bother calling me for a couple days, because I know what I’ll be reading: Her Fearful Symmetry.



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  1. I loved this one so much. I had the hardest time reviewing it though because my mind was so blown by the author’s ability to keep track of all the different time jumps. See, I can’t even write a coherent sentence here!

  2. I think she had to have made a timeline. Her wall is probably covered with sticky notes.

  3. This was one of my favorite reads. I could hardly put it down. And I’m not big on romance either. I’m curious about Outlander, now too.

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