Six Quirky Things about Me Meme

August 13, 2008 at 3:33 am | Posted in Memes | 4 Comments

Just in case you were curious, here are six quirky things about me, in response to being tagged for this meme. Gee, I didn’t know you cared! First, the rules, then, the dirt.

The rules are to:

  • Link to the person who tagged me
  • Mention the rules
  • Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself
  • Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them
  • Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged

1. I’ve never been stung by a bee, yet I am strangely terrified of them.

2. I have freckles in the shape of the Big Dipper on my right shoulder.

3. I was exorcised at my baptism.

4. I can ride a unicycle about three feet.

5. I was once dubbed La Reina de Tamales after a fund raiser.

6. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 29, and quit after two years.

Gosh, I could probably come up with a lot more than six, but they do say brevity is the soul of wit.

Now, I hope I get this right, because I’m a lot better at reading than I am at this whole Intarwebs thing.  I’m linking to:

Will you be my friend?  Check one: Yes No



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  1. Hahaha!! Those are great. Especially the exorcism. Do you ever wonder if the exorcism worked? Maybe there’s still a demon inside of you…

  2. Well, according to my mom, she’d never seen an exorcism done at a baptism before, and my parents had no idea it was planned. Then they say I started shrieking and wailing, and a cloud went over the sun. Otherwise I was a good, quiet baby.

  3. Thanks for tagging me, but I did this one a while back already. That’s cool about the exorcism!

  4. Of course I’ll be your friend. Thanks for asking. 😀

    My answers are set to post in the morning. Yours are better though. It’s hard to top an exorcism.

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