“Bitter is the New Black”

August 2, 2008 at 4:59 am | Posted in Memoir | 1 Comment

I must be the very last person to start reading Jen Lancaster.  The copy of Bitter is the New Black I got from BookSwim looks like it came from my old laundry room book exchange.  Clearly she’s well loved.  She’s like the reverse Bridget Jones: the same excessive drinking, eating, and shopping, only she goes from successful to secretary rather than the opposite direction.  The book is ever so much fun because of the story, on the one hand, and Lancaster’s writing, on the other.  She’s a natural.  It’s hard to tell what’s more captivating – her endearing qualities, like rehabilitating a pit bull, or her obnoxious qualities, which make it so satisfying to gloat over her downfall and eventual transformation.  I’m going to tell you that even if you hate chick lit and memoirs, you will still probably enjoy this gem of a book.

Now I’m going to take a page from Jen Lancaster and do a little bitching (in a humorous vein, of course).  First of all, we’re obviously complete opposites, and not just because I’m a brunette.  Oh dear, you spent nearly two years sliding down the slippery slope to financial ruin?  Yet you condescend to every secretary you meet?  Well, speaking as someone who has been a secretary for her entire career, I am able to live within my means, skimpy as they are.  So, um, now who’s smarter?  Not only have I never faced an eviction notice, but I also know the difference between then and than.  I have zero credit debt, I type 90 words per minute, and I’m a Mensan.  So there.  That’ll teach you to judge people by their job descriptions.

Another thing.  What’s the deal with obese people who love to make fun of other people for being vegetarian?  I always call it Mock the Vegan.  “Vegans!  Haw haw haw!  They don’t eat meat! Get it?  Haw haw haw!  No meat!  *snort*!”  Sheesh.  Why does it matter to you, anyway?  Now you don’t have to fight me for the last, I dunno, abalone steak or whatever.

Seriously, though, I think Jen Lancaster is tops.  I’m so excited that she’s already published two other books, and I plan to read them as soon as I can.  She’s sure to continue in her writing career, and I have a sneaking suspicion we may even see her writing her own television show soon.


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  1. Thanks for the review. Sadly, I’ve never heard of Jen Lancaster. I have now, though, thanks to you, and I’m adding her to the list of authors I must check out.

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